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  1. Went out for the first trip on the new boat for an early afternoon trip and ended up 3/5. Set lines just outside of the pier heads on a north west troll. Picked up a 7' king in about 90 feet on a rigger set 80' down with a white paddle and poofster fly. Next fish was a coho in 120 that hit a double orange crush on the high diver at 100 back. Had a lake trout hit that same rig just a few minutes later. We lost a big king as we were pulling lines that hit a uv blue dolphin about 80 down on a rigger in 150' of water.

  2. Went out with a buddy last night for the first trip of the year. We started in 75' which was where the muddy water ended. Fished for maybe 5 mins and got the first fish. Lake trout on bottom that hit a glow blue dolphin on the rigger. We worked out to 125' before heading back towards the mud. Tried the edge of the clear and muddy water for a while but no more takers. Nice night on the lake though.

  3. Thanks everyone for the great advice, it's very helpful. We did end up with a 32' wellcraft. I am planning to run it for a while and make a decision on a kicker after I fish out of it a few times. I will keep you posted and thanks again.

  4. My wife and I are considering going to a larger boat this year. We currently fish out of a 24' and are thinking of going to a 27' to 30' range. I have seen a few boats of this size with kicker motors. Does anyone have any advice for me on the size of kicker I will need? Also how well does a kicker work on a 30' boat? I'm just looking to keep hours of the main engines and the fuel bill reasonable.

    Thanks for the advise!

  5. Had time for a mid day trip so decided to head back out to where we found them last night. Started in 100' on a south troll. First fish hit an ace hi wonderbread plug 80 down on a rigger in 115'. Next fish hit a blue bubble fly behind an11" white fish scale paddle 80 down in 115 fow, but we lost that one. Picked up one more fish on a double orange crush spoon on a lead core in 120 fow. Had one other release on the rigger, but no fish. Both of the fish we caught were cohos. Pulled lines at 5 and headed in.

    I am planning on heading out next weekend as well. Would I be better off in grand haven this time of year than port Sheldon? I haven't seen any reports from there in a while.


  6. Got out this morning at about 7:00. Set up in 80 feet and worked out to 150 feet. We ended up 1/2. First fish hit a silver horde ace hi pearl glow plug. I was actually putting the rigger down when it hit it about 10 feet below the boat. We ended up loosing the fish but it was kind of exciting anyways. The one we landed was a 12 lb king that hit a silver horde aci hi wonderbread plug on 10 color lead in 90 feet of water. We also caught a 9 lb sheep head in 60 feet of water that hit a blue bubble fly. I was kind of surprised to see that.

    Did anyone else have any success this morning?

  7. We actually made it out for a short trip this afternoon before it got too rough. Started in 60' and headed north west into the waves. We got a 13' king 50 down on a rigger in 60' of water. It hit a blue bubble fly behind an 11" white scale paddle. We turned back at 120' and headed south east. Picked up a 7# steelhead in 80' of water that hit a dipsy set at 3, 120' back. It hit the same fly/paddle combo as the king. We made it back to 50' and decided we had bounced around enough for one day.

  8. I posted a while back about some fishing advice for Port Sheldon. I recieved some great information from several people on this site that has helped me to catch more fish than I had been. Thanks again. I have another question. Does the color of dipsy diver make a big difference? I have been reading all the posts on this site for a while now and I never see anyone reference the actual diver color. I seem to catch three or four fish on my riggers to every one that I catch on my divers. I still run mono on my divers instead of wire just because that is all I have right now. Would switching to wire be a good idea? Thanks in advance for the help.


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