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  1. A little bumpy out there this morning in the 16ft but made our way out to 70 and headed south west setting lines. Got half way to port Sheldon turned south in 95, mag wire dipsey on 2 went Nice 13# king. white paddle green fly. Not 5 min after setting it back same rig went again lost that one next hit came on a 12 color with green alwife spoon also lost that one after he took the bored under

  2. Went 4 for 5 this morning 8am to 12 120-200 fow east west troll first fish in 120 60 down on rigger uv flounder pounder 2nd in 200 on a green silver and blue spoon free slider on rigger 70 down lost one in 160 on dipsey 150 back lemon ice meat rig 150fow 3rd dipsey 175 back on blue moo meat rig and last o e in 160 fow 70 down on rigger blue flounder pounder

  3. Fished north in 20-40 fow with 25-35 being the best went 4-7 3 kings and 1 Brown lost another Brown and 2 steelies the 1 shaker king back fish came on 5 color with mix veggie ss dipsey 18 back with Michele Jackson spoon dipsey 25 back with Carmel dolphin and rigger 15 down on orange spoon

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