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  1. I thought it was good yeah it wasn't huge but most of the big hitters were there and got some good face time with some pretty knowledgeable folks. I was more or less using it as a scouting tool for the GR show but still got some good deals. Quality show with proceeds going to a good cause.

  2. A lot of time in the spring I like to run a little faster to cover more water because the fish are generally spread out. Last season in April the fish were really deep 150-250 fow. Usually I like to run almost all spoons but will always run 1 or 2 flashers or spinnies because u never now when that day will be when flies will be the hottest thing in the water. Greens, blues, orange and don't be staid to try all sizes of spoons, had a lot of coho hit mag spoons early in the year.

    You said run faster at what speed are trolling and is it SOG or off probe

  3. Had a couple braid high diver set ups put together last year and could not get them to produce at all not once! I used 50lbs power pro black I think on 10' gander mtn dipsy rods with convector 45's. Is this set up OK and it seemed like I was tangled with my low divers more often then not. I use wire on low divers set on 1.5 mag diver and high braid at 3 mag diver. In which order should I deploy them? Are those good settings andopen to any suggestions on how to make these produce. I did eventually switch to four wire divers with better luck but don't want to give up on this tactic quite yet.

  4. Hi fellas,

    Looking for some help on targeting lake trout. My crew and I have had trouble picking up Lakers all season only boating one I believe. My first guess is that we are going to fast I understand that but what are some quality presentations we can use to finally start to get ahold of this species. Thanks

  5. 1989 Bayliner Trophy 2302 WA. Twin 115 Mariner Offshores (1997) w/ stainless steel props. All set up for big lake or walleye fishing. 2 Big Jon Pro tournement downriggers (2011) with holders and swivel bases. Custom triple rod trees, Big Jon HD diver holders. Humminbird 587c finder/depth/gps, Lowrance LMS332 gps with chip, Fish Hawk 840, freshwater wash down, cd/am/fm, uhf radio w/8' antenna (2012), porta potty, tandem trailer. Been a great boat for the big lake will troll down to 1.5 with one outboard and cruise between 28-35mph fished with up to 5 guys on L. Mich. I am a very motivated seller I have already gone in with my buddy on a new boat and need to sell. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have It has been out many this year and will be out a couple more before the new boat arrives. Aking $8,500 or best offer must sell. Call Josh at 231-679-0417 or pm or email at [email protected] the boat is currently in Onekama MI. thanks






  6. on the 55's you can get 450 copper with 500yrds of power pro backer no problem on the 45 300 no problem

    I didnt know you could that much on a 45 how much backer do you get stuffed in there? If it does fit I will just use my 45s for 300 and smaller save some money.

  7. Where do you put your dive bombs on the core and copper set ups?

    I let out five colors and attach the dive bomb on a full core then just take it off like a planer board on the way in. I figure that will leave enough line to keep that stealthy whip. I would guess that I would run it back 150' on a 300' copper for the same reason.

    As for Manistee's First Street launch I have been concerned with the new setup for a couple months now and Im not looking forward to the traffic jams coming later this year. Hopefully everyone launching will realize that we are all in the same boat (no pun intended) and don't take it out on the other anglers.

  8. Got out just a touch late but wtihin 2 minutes of setting the first couple lines took a 14lbs King on a wire diver set 115' back on smurf suv meat combo. Took another hit on the same setup back 150' but had a drag issue and left that fish for someone else to catch. Ended the day with another 15lbs king on a full core with a 2oz dive bomb and a spoon. Marked a nice bait pod when we were fighting the last fish in 130' fow 80' feet down but had no chance to fish it with the half hour fight and building seas. Went 2 for 4 in limited time with the late start and wind building.


  9. How well do you think the powder coating will hold up, I have a couple of things for the boat back in the fishing area that I was thinking of having done.

    It will hold up just fine. The trick is making sure you protect those items with machined tolerances. Just like anything else if you take care of it it will last.

  10. Can you give me a close up of the mounting/screws/bolts? Are you screwing that into a base plate like a down rigger so it can easily be removed? Or is this like the sword in the stone?

    Haha, no I made the bases to fit my Big Jon bases and used hold down knobs so they can be rotated or removed by just taking the knobs out. The swivel bases I will be making will made so you can pull the pin and just remove the mast but the solid ones would need a mounting bases and capsrews.

  11. 2012-04-05_12.17.412.jpg

    This is the first one I made which is now powder coated the same color as those custom Big Jons. I can produce them like this one powder coated silver with black holder caps for $180/pair plus shipping or with a four position pull pin swivel for $220/pair plus shipping. These can be custom made really however you want but I have been making them with a slight offset on each holder. These are produced with quality T6 schedule 40 and 80 aluminum with qaulity tig welds. They are really quite light and very sturdy. I will send more pics to anyone interested.

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