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  1. My buddy works for the St Joe water department.  2 pumps that pump the discharge from the fish cleaning station overloaded a couple weeks ago when the big kings were were still around St Joe.  Part of my buddies job is skimming the layer of ground fish fat and offal from the holding tanks when the pumps start backing up.  He says he's never seen it even close to as heavy and thick as it has been recently.  I did not ask if they were hiring.  New pumps are on order and should be installed soon. We're talking big, expensive pumps, so the water department guys were apparently pretty ticked about it.   I sent him in with a cooler full of Salmon to pass around to the workers as an olive branch, lol.

  2. We didn't do any better.  Fished 180 to 200 and had some marks, landed 1 coho on a 120 copper with greenish yellow spotted mini streak.  In hindsight we probably should have run lines deeper, I was hoping for some steelhead.  Trolled all the way into 70 with very few marks.  Landed one more Coho on a J-9 rainbow trout color at 95 feet.  Probably will set up closer tomorrow.

  3. Hey Larry, I was fishing around you in the Sportcraft with the blue canvas, we were 2 for 2.  Slow day, but sure was nice out.  Landed a coho early then a nice very feisty 12lb 14oz king at 12:30 on a brownish green spotted mini streak on a 2 Color.  Couldn't believe it.   Got to wait an hour at least for the railroad bridge to open, that was a blast.  I'll probably see you out there tomorrow too.

  4. Yep, put it in and left it in, and thanks for asking.  Only managed to get 6 trips in so far, but at least the block hasn't frozen, and it got down to 21F last Friday.  On below freezing night I've thrown a seedling heating mat in the bilge and covered the motor with a blanket.

    Next year, I believe I shall wait longer.  The worry hasn't been worth it.

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  5. This is the earliest I've had my boat ready and I'm itching to get in on this great coho run, the pier just isn't working for me.  Sportcraft 252 with a Volvo-Penta 5.0 i/o and would be in the water at a marina.  The short and long term forecast calls for the occasional night dropping as low as 27 in St Joe.  How cold does it have to get before I worry about busting a manifold or something?

  6. What about different brands of herring? I hear erie dearie is good.

    I switched over to Familiar Bite early this year after needing some in Holland and that was what they sold at Lakeshore Tackle. In my opinion they are longer, meatier and tougher than Erie Dearie. I had to drive back up to Saugatuck from St Joe to stock up on them. Not entirely sure if I'm getting any better results on them yet, but I'm an optimist.

    I wonder though, if any decently brined brand won't due.

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