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  1. i have a three year old eagle deepfinder 320.and the only way to see thermoclines is to run in manual mode.i also change the power setting once I'm in 70ft plus.

    when fishing in 130-200ft,and if not fishing the bottom,you can also set your depth range,say fish is running 100ft or less,set your depth at 100ft,this allows for a larger area to be seen,as your only showing 1ft to 100ft range.on smaller screen units like mine this works best for me.

    i had trouble with this unit not showing Arch's,and eagle finally sent me another unit,past warranty,and still stood behind it.It took some emails but they did stand behind it,Jim

  2. your right on we did break a rod holder and had $125 dollar pole go over board in the dark,we were fortunate that the horse fly caught it,and after 20 minute fight we got pole and 18 pnd fish in.im going to have to find a adjustable tube for the dipsys,any suggestions,jim

  3. we fished this mourning went 2-3,in am.fishing around us was a little slow,but a few boats went 9-11,colors today were mostly green.flounder pounder,mixed veggie,green catchers and green flies.with depths early from 55 to 90 today.lower water temps were up in this range some,two days ago they were in the 40<s at 30 ft down in 50 ft of water,today was 64,Jim

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