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  1. west end report

    weather has been tough and has had the water all muddy last weekend only 1 on sat    sun we did better with 14 just west of the maumee river channel out by light house fish were caught on the edge of the mud line  weather giving us a break and water clearing up now fished yesterday after work ended up with 17 at k can best bite was when the sun was setting black-purple-yellow jigs with minnow

    april 12 2017.png

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  2. 1st walleye jig trip

    got a late start putting the boat in on saturday only had about a hour for a test run ran out to locust reef only picked up one   sunday was better had a crew of 5 managed 17 at k can bite is a little slow you have to work for them if weather holds out bite should pick up purple hair jig with minnow worked the best 

    april 2 2017.png

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  3. 2017 walleye

    the 2017 walleye season should be great there were lots and lots of just under legal 15 inch fish caught this year all year long dont think i can remember catching so many throw backs everyone caught them while perch fishing also.will be putting the boat in 1st of april if weather allows for the lake erie west end spring jig bight if you ever want to talk about lake erie walleye or perch give me a call    thx todd   BILLYJOECHARTERS.COM

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