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  1. I use a hand held diamond steel.. It will flat out lay a razor sharp edge.

    I have a store where I sell windows and doors. To pass the time on slow days I sharpen knives. I charge 3 bucks a pop. Some that come in are really doinked. I will hit them on my wet grinder to get em refined. Then work the edge on a few different sets of diamond steels.

  2. I too read of Daves travels in July. It really got my attention. I ordered a new hand held PLB. I got one that floats, around $275, and new handheld vhf. Might want to add that our life jackets no longer live down under the beds in the cuddy while we are away from the dock.

    I honestly feel that Dave has told will save many lives.

  3. How many guys have there radio hooked up to use the DSC function?

    i have it on my radio but not hooked up,, is the a cable i can buy that runs it of my humminbirds gps??

    The wire coming out of the GPS is already there. You will need I think an 1/8" type plug for the back of the vhf.

  4. My year started off rough fishing for Hybrid striped bass.. Lost

    remote control for I pilot.

    snagged bottom with umbrella rig, lost it and rod and reel..as rod holder was not tight enough.

    3 u rigs

    1 galvanized anchor and 200 feet of rope.. did not get it tied to the boat soon enough, pulled it out of my hand... grrrrrr.rookie mistake

    several spoons due to a spool of crap cabelas fluorocarbon line.

    this year I set a new record and lost zero cannon balls.

  5. Saturday out of Michigan City.. The flies were so thick you could not stand it.. My thermocell was fired up all day... They were honestly sitting on it.. Sunday I bought two cans of yard type foggers.. I sprayed the canopy, the carpet along the sides.. They were not near as bad.. But dang they ate my cankles up on Saturday.

  6. I think you will find Salmon fisherman are very unlike Bass fisherman. There are very few secrets.. It is to much fun knowing others are catching fish.. Now on tournament day, I would not be expecting everything you hear on the radio to be the gospel truth..LOL

  7. if one really wants to know exactly what depth his lure is at. I recommend a device called the "Smart troll" is about six inches long and the size of your pinky finger.It is wireless to the receiver located in the boat.Attaches in line, gives the water temp at the exact depth of lure.

    note I am no way affiliated with the product. I have used it on my boat and it works well.

  8. crestliner Nordic. walk around with cuddy.. Just bought it in November, Repainted it.

    I have never even had it wet yet.. Actually never have heard it run... But it seems to be a very well built boat. Mine has a 3.8 v6 with carb and efi. I know me and the wife are going to love it,

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