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  1. Fished The Dreamweaver Benefit for Kids Tournament out of Grand Haven

    Set up in 100' off Rosy mound headed SW at 5:00am.  Just in front of around 50 to 60 other boats and some of the calmest water I have seen in a while.

    got both riggers and both divers set and had the Starboard  rigger down 60' with the white spin doctor/ fly  release as the first copper was going out.  cranked it in quick as the king was  at the back of the boat and in the net fast.  This fish went 13.7 lbs

    Managed to get a couple long lines out  and just as a 3 color with the board straight back being deployed is starting to pull out the Port Rigger with the probe and a Wonderbread glow spoon down 50' releases with a real good fish on it.  After some great rod handling and a clean net we put him in the cooler.  24.4 lbs.  and good enough to take Big fish honors.

    We had the Wonderbread go again with a fiesty 8 - 10 lb. steely get right to the back and in the net only to have him launch straight up and under the rigger cable and gone.

    Finally 2 misses on each dipsey and spent the rest of the mourning searching.  Never had a long line fire

    Best water has been 105' -  120' for us out of GH




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  2. The amount of line out  will  depend on where you set up,  But if you were in 60' - 80'  I would let out one dipsey until it just skips on  bottom.  Note the amount of line it took to get there and set the other side about half of that with the drag loose enough to tic out slowly.  Green and silver,  Green and gold behind a trash can dodger should work if you can find fish.  The key is presentation and speed.



  3. 3 for 7

    Headed straight out at 4:00pm to 80' headed SW to 130'. First fish in 122' then pretty steady action for an hour or so. worked SW and NE until 8:00pm in 125' - 135' 6 rod spread. meat and spoons

    DR - 47 down with woody woodpecker mag spoon 1 for 3 - Steelhead

    DR w/ SWR - 37 down with wonderbread reg. size spoon 1 for 2 - 11lb. King

    300 copper(45lb) with Blue dolphin mag spoon 1 for 1 - Steelhead

    Wire diver 150' back green gasoline meat rig 0 for 1

    Great night with the wife :thumb:


  4. Fished from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm ended up 2-2 without a net. (forgot it) :no:

    set lines in 80' and headed due west until 180' without a bite. Turned and went SE and picked up both fish in 170' - 173' both on meat. hit 160' , turned back W and repeated the path and nothing else.

    1st fish came on a John King Red Mamba flasher with a red /black meat rig on a 200' copper. - 9lb king

    2nd fish was on a big white paddle with green/black dots followed by a John king green meat rig on a wire diver 143' out on 3 setting - 7 lb. king

  5. I have a custom set of rod trees for sale that that were too tall for the particular boat. They will work for many others though, so I made another set. They are 42" from bottom of base to the tip of top rod holder.

    They do not include the swivel bases.

    $250 for the set

    Feel free to contact me via email : [email protected]

    I have a shop in Zeeland where they can be seen if interested.




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