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  1. Started off in the channel @ 6am. Saw all the boats outside of the piers so went out and joined. Lots of boats but only saw 1 netted. Followed suit as they all went into the channel again a bit after 7:30. We did end up landing a 14lb king in the middle of the channel 12 ft down on a bloody nose j-plug then had to head in. Short trip but was glad to finally get back out after a rough summer with boat issues! (Bring On Another Thousand!)

  2. Thanks everyone for the replies! My speed was anywhere from 2.6-3 SOG.

    But we do have a probe and my boyfriend (el capitan) has been too scared to lose it to use it, but I think I might just put it down anyways next trip out. I will def be playing around w/ the speed to see if it helps me out! Thanks again for the advice!

  3. Had nothing but bad luck in GH Sunday Morning. Graph was filled but I couldn't get so much as a release to save my life. Surrounded by charters, and seems everyone else was catching fish all around me but we ended up washing lures and tangling about $60 worth of lead core to boot!

    Tried every direction just don't know what we were doing wrong!

    Started in 60 and went all the way to 180 fow. riggers from 50-90 down and dipsies back 125-150ft.

    Any suggestions?

  4. went out and headed north. started at 70fow on ne troll and picked up our first and largest king 20.2 lbs on dipsy white paddle, white fly about 165 back.

    Picked up a nice coho on a dipsy white paddle, pfooster fly same 165 back that was in about 90 fow. headed back sw troll and picked up a decent steely on pink panties on a rigger 70 ft down in about 115fow.

    Saved the best for last!!! In 110 fow landed a flathead catfish on full core lead!! What a surprise to get that ugly thing in the boat!

  5. K so this is my 2nd year fishing. Last year we started out w/only riggers and dipsies. For my birthday 8/15 I got a lead core pole per my request and loved it from the get.

    This year I have asked my lovely boyfriend for a copper pole. I hear so many great things on GLF about copper of every length.

    Well he and his other buddies keep telling me they are too much work and are no better than lead core anyways.

    Can anyone tell me the benefits to using core versus lead??

    Really need to tip him over to me side of the fence before my birthday in two weeks so I can get my copper!

    All input will be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you,


  6. Went out Monday eve from GH for my bday. Got to use my brand new lead core rod w/ my own choice of lure. Picked the Dreamweaver ss Thriller and w/in 5 mins got a 15lb Coho and after being back in the water got a 13lb Chinook.

    Was a great night. Took other hits on carmel dolphins!

    Learning more and catching bigger fish and more fish!

    Love this site and all that I've been able to learn from all of you!

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