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  1. Everyone seems to think that the lake trout are there for native american commercial fishermen. There has to be a market for them otherwise they are no good. Lately there has not been much of a market for them. My neighbor is a commercial fisherman and he is always asking me if I want a lake trout.

    All the more reason to just keep dumping them in the lake.:confused:

  2. I'm aware of their low temperature tolerance I have been catching kings for over 35 years in mid 40 degree water.

    The last 2 winters have seen the average core temperature of Lake Michigan at historically low levels and below average summer temperatures do not bode well for cold blood creates to grow in the lake.

    This lack of warmer water conditions has effected the whole ecosystem of the great lakes.

    The difference between the ocean and the great lakes for salmon is that the salmon can migrate thousands of mile to find mid 40 degree+ water if desired but our salmon are landlocked and can't migrate to warmer water if 33-39 degree water is the warmest in the lakes.

    Thus slower metabolism slower growth rate.

  3. Not that I want to keep small fish but I'm not for it until we see the alewives rebound. Some people talk about "all the bait they are seeing on the graph or in the harbors at times." They are only observing a very small part of a really big lake. My answer to that is if we had all kinds of bait, why has the size of kings gone down? We know we had low king numbers this season so if we had lots of bait, we should have had lots of bigger fish and they were significantly smaller this year. I don't put 100% faith in our DNR but I still think we need to reduce predators and let the bait build up numbers or Lk. Mich will end up like Lk. Huron.

    I'm even more concerned that due to mussels, there won't be enough food for alewives to thrive regardless of how much predation we eliminate. Maybe there is nothing we can do to prevent a crash. I hope I'm wrong on this.

    Ed, you have to remember fish are cold blooded and we have had two extremely cold winters in a row which would cause the growth rate to suffer .

  4. Its hard to keep up when everything we do is made in the USA except our hooks. Flies are tied here, meat rigs made here, painting and all plastic molding etc. Its much much easier to buy a bunch of stuff from China but screw that.Karen works a full time job and we have the dog thing going on. I think when the store went down we had about 100 internet orders plus tackle stores in about 3 days. We can leave the store up as some do and try and get to it but that's not fair to people. People still call and if we can fill the order we do. Most stores will ship, Hunting Fishing USA ships. Another thing people don't understand its not just about having product. Whats hot? Who new this year what ones would just go flying out of here? How about all the ____ that I got yesterday that should have been here 6 weeks ago. So we try as hard as we can but we also are growing a lot every year. Jason call me anytime or email same goes for anyone. Got to go, dog to the vet and then painting for next year, BW

    I'm sure when you started you didn't imagine things growing so fast that's a good problem to have but if you plan on growing bigger along comes more headaches.

  5. We have started to very nice catches of kings between 12-22 pounds . when the water starts to set up many charters are taking between 8-15 kings per trip. The problem like last year is the wind never blows out of the same direction for more than a few days.

    I personally believe there are still decent numbers of kings to be caught but it very spot specific unlike years past where the fish were all over.

  6. The hype looks great. Over the years I've found the best use of my tackle dollars come from buying spoons or rigs that either I or my buddies hit fish real good on very recently, then I open my wallet. It will be interesting to see how those spoons work when the season starts.

    I'm with you Ed it seems the fish still like a lot of the same spoons I have been using for years and I'll wait for word of this years hot new lures before I jump on board.

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