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  1. 7 hours ago, Guaranteeit said:

    Fished Holland from 430-930. Dropped in 80ft worked NW out to 120 didn't mark anything or even take a bump. Turned NE to head back in to 50 ft. Hit all 3 fish in 50 ft of water on N Troll . Marked some fish in 45-55ft of water all on the bottom.


    2/2 225 CU Mixed Veggie 8llb Lake Trout, 6lb Lake Trout

    1/ 1 DR Kevins Girlfriend w/ Spin & Glow, 5lb Lake Trout

    0/1 Diver 70 back  Flasher Fly

    Were you the boat I was talking to Saturday?  I was out on Doghouse. 

  2. 31 minutes ago, cata_rebel said:

    I fish solo yesterday in front of power plant  was slow day .. I saw some fish net in the boat .. not to many

    I got 2 small and release them on Thin fish  blue back silver bellies and red lip

    I cant manage my trolling sped ... i forgot trolling bag home  on south i was 2.5-7  trolling north 3.0 and over I thing i was to fast and they like slow probably 2.0 or under

    We were there last Tuesday morning. We trolled between 2.5-3.2. We ended 10-11 with 2 of us.  Fish came from 11:10-11:45 am. 

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