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  1. You got it. One boat in particular. He even shut down right in front of us and everyone onboard started pulling lines. I think they reset for different depths and then started back to trolling. That move made it impossible for me to hold course pushing me on to some shallow structure. We were able to make a couple more short passes but were never able to hit the mark I wanted because of the added traffic. I had the tools to really make their day but decided to finish elsewhere.

    It was looking too rough for me to plan any fishing for Sun. If you do get out GL to you and Griz. Give my best to Beth and the A Team.

    Well, what a tough day! Griz and I headed up ahead of the ladies. Launched @ 0830 and headed into the SLOPPY / ROUGH seas to 65 fow. Deployed 6 lines. We fished for about 15-20 minutes and the little guy just couldn't take it. He was on the verge of being sick. I couldn't get the lines in fast enough.

    I learned a SE wind is not good for waves in Tawas!

    We salvaged the day though. The ladies met us shortly before 11 am at the boat launch. Stopped by Tony's Tacos for lunch, then off to the Tawas State Park to play in the surf at the beach.

    It was an absolutely great day!

  2. Fished with a good buddy of mine on Saturday. Launched about about 0800 and wrapped up the day about 1730 with 9 keeper walleye, and only 2 pull backs with nobody home. Biggest fish was just shy of 27".

    3 color custom reel naughty (warrior) DDHJ on a 3 color took fish

    2 color rattlin rogue candy apple took the most fish.

    deep little rippers 65 back took a few too.

    We were rained on 2 x, and after the first round of rain the bite died and we worked our tails off for 7,8, and #9.

    Fun fishing a new to me area with slight to no pressure. Closest boat was maybe 4 miles away.


  3. GJ on the eyes. You have a beautiful family. It was good seeing you and Scott at the ramp Fri. We fished the outer also and made quick work of some nice fish. Those pics are priceless.:)

    We thought we saw you off to the west of us.

    The pics are priceless. I refer to it, as the days I will never get back! And I'm sure going to try and involve the kids in the things I love to do, in hopes that they will enjoy the time with me. In this instance, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  4. Had the pleasure of spending the week just north of Alabaster stone docks on Lake Huron. Blasted out of town with my middle child, Amber, on Friday. We fished Saturday and caught 3 walleye, she did all the reeling! Fun time with her!!!!


    Fished Monday with Adam, AKA Griz! We hit some deeper water. He brought in 4 walleye that made the net, we lost well over our limit! He was all smiles!




    Fished one day solo and caught 2 right out in front of the cabin, losing another 4.

    Fished Thursday with my eldest, Ashely. We started out front, with no action. Moved to some deeper water where she went 6 for 12.




    Nephews from Phoenix went out for an afternoon cruise, and a quick fish. We picked up 3 more walleye in about an hour north of Tawas.



    Total for Thursday was nine nice fish.


    Fished Friday with Griz and "Uncle Scotty" on his boat for a morning trip. Griz got 6 to the boat, Scott and I got 2 others while Griz was taking a siesta on the boat.



    I only used worms Saturday with Amber, and then switched up to Husky Jerks and Reefrunners the rest of the week.

    Fun trips, I won't soon forget.

  5. Jason, Take more time to smell the roses. GJ on the Bay eyes.:)

    I'll sure try! Given the time available to fish, I really should enjoy it!

    Made it back out on the 13th & 14th.

    Launched Saturday about noon, and WORKED for our 2 man limit of cookie cutter eater eyes until 5PM.

    Saturday got out ahead of the tourney in the pea soup fog. Went to the same spot. Had a new guy, never fished before on board. What seemed like work for our 15 fish. Done by 11am.

    I let the greenhorn reel in all 15, the other guy from Saturday was napping all morning.

    Nothing special, just cookie cutter eaters.

    Should be back out there again this weekend.

    And Frank, we'll be in the same place you visited with us last year. Hoping to put Griz and his sisters on some good action during our family vacation.

  6. Finally some time afforded me the opportunity to fish the bay again. Had an old friend from HighSchool and his son join me for the day. We delayed our launch about an hour Sunday morning, due to high winds out of the south.

    Headed out into 30-35FOW and put out BB and crawler harnesses. Took right around 2 hours to box out our 3 man ticket. JR Tackle's Grindstone Shrimp was HOT HOT HOT! Put it out into the spread, and bring it right back in with a fish on. Made 3 passes to get em.


  7. So I hear the DNR have found DNA of Asian carp in the K-Zoo river is this true and how r they too stop the spread?

    Read the same thing. Several different ideas of how the DNA got into the river. I suggest they shock the river and find one of these carp, then, we would have PROOF that they are actually, physically here.

  8. Keep it out as long as possible. With hopes of getting out as weather allows. We fished into November a few years back, I scraped snow off my boat that 27* morning. We also WHACKED the steelhead, coho and juvenile kings that day. When I see the weather predicted to go below freezing for multiple days in a row, or the extended forecast indicates cold/wintery weather is coming, that's when I winterize and put the boat away. There is still some really great fishing to be had. :thumb:

  9. And that's a problem. Boating is a big part of the fishing activity and a much more critical part when it comes to your personal well-being. There are far too many fishermen that have questionable knowledge, skill and most of all, solid judgment when it comes to boating. I've met that captain and would say his knowledge and skill is likely adequate. Obviously, his judgment that evening wasn't for whatever reason and he would give anything for a "do-over". That doesn't matter. The point is people's lives are at stake, not only on that boat but on every other boat in the area at that time. So, we can all chat about fishing and pretend stuff like this isn't a hazard for every one of us on the water. The next person to use poor judgment may run over your boat at 25 mph as opposed to hitting a wall. A Baja cruiser on Lake St. Clair did just that a few weeks ago. One dead, several injured. Given these types of incidents, there should be a little more dialog on the subject of seamanship. It really does go hand in hand with our primary activity of trolling.

    Well put. It will also show, no matter how much experience you have, there is always a chance for error. Be safe out there guys!

  10. I was out fishing the evening the accident took place and there was fog to the south about 3 miles friends of mine who came in at the same time reported visibility of at least 2 miles coming in fro the north.The law requires all commercial vessels that have radar to use it at all times so why was he just supposedly turning it on while running in the dark?

    I have known the captain of the boat for years and know he is technologically challenged when it comes to electronics.Even if his equipment failed he should of reduced his speed and tried to orientate himself as to exactly where he was.

    I have seen many boats over my 35+ years of being a slip holder in Ludington crash the walls and I personally believe that they get fixatated on the lights of the stub piers and that's how they end up in trouble.

    Just a another example of people not following the basic tenants of boating rules of the road which state when operating in reduced visibility you should also reduce your speed.

    Heard from numerous others the stub pier lights can be confusing.

  11. Firstly, I am happy to hear that all involved are okay, with no SERIOUS injuries.

    Secondly, this IMO was an avoidable accident. I read about the Capt. turning on his radar and losing all electronics, along with a hint of fog in the picture. Put it all together, and 25-35MPH in the dark is plain stupidity.

    Before my chart plotter I had issues coming in at night. I never felt as though I could see near as much as I cared for. I would use extreme caution and come into the piers slowly. With my chart plotter I feel better coming in, but I still go nice and slow.

    Glad everyone was alright

  12. I dont like spin doctors with meat.

    I also mix up strips and whole bait. Fresh does work but brined holds up better.

    I like to cut whole bait on the boat as we're fishing. Used ballyhoo this past weekend, definitely more rigid than the strips I cut. But the whole bait is much more cost affective personally.

    Also, I run it all...spinnies, the fish paddles...heck...I'll give anything a whirl. It comes down to personal preference and confidence. My hottest meat rig is behind a black spinnie with white crush glow tape on both sides.

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