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  1. Sorry I can not help you out. I have never fished out of grand bend but have been told the fishing can be good.

    I m sure you will not have to travel that far. Waverunner runs out of grandbend if you can look him up im sure he will be able to help you out. I know he has some youtube videos on lake huron.

  2. The way I see it, you can not be honest and make a few more sales in the short term but how would that affect your long term? If you base your business on honesty then I would think the repeat customers and word of your reputation would help in the long run. The idea of honest sales unfortunately is pretty scarce and with more business being online it's getting worse.

    While I'm not in the position to shop for a new boat, I know where I'd try to send anyone and if I do get in that position I know where my first stop would be......


    It might not mean much but honesty goes a long way

  3. Lets be carful when grouping snowmobilers. Snowmobiles dont cause acceidnets. people do. I am a snowmobiler and a safe one. along with alot of other snowmobilers I know.

    You need to be careful. like Dan states here. its not snowmobilers its the alcohol. No different then getting drunk and going hunting or boating.

    I always tell my kids dont blame guns for somone being murdered by one.blame the person who pulled the trigger. Snowmobiles cant use logic or common sense only people can.:thumb:

    Good point

    It allways seem to be the 10% of the bad apples that we remember

    I cant say much this year i belive the guys will not see the sleds out

    The way this winter is going

    Take Care

  4. I think it depends on how much you will be using your boat i have talked to 3 guys that run the coated cable they all said blowback is a issue but a heaver ball fixed most of it .

    Not one said thay have had to replace the cable One was goign on year 5 with t he same set up.

    One did say he lost the probe but i belive that might have been his fault the way he was talking

    I think if your out all the time the investment into the fish hawk is worth it however for weekend warriors im not sold on the extra funds

    Best of luck


  5. Hi I was just thinking of geting a bettter or new light for glow spoons last year i just used my flash on my phone this was not to perductive lol

    Anyone know of a good light or type of light that works best with glow spoons

    Thanks a lot for your imput

  6. Yes I AGREE IT A STUPID FINE Hopefull it can be fixed and the money returned

    But come on going on about work visa and bashing like that im sure things go both ways

    i have had "snippy" crossings as well

    Back to hockey lol

    Take a look at bostons line up i sure you will be surprized how many canadains are on the team. Should we remove thier work visa ( I cant even belive they call it work lol)

    I hope all works out

    I really need to go fishing lol


  7. WOW what abash to canada... right on lol I just wish we could have your gas prices your tackle prices your boat prices everything is cheaper but then again you keep it. I have visited a couple time it was nothign special but then again i did not notice anyone not wanting my money..

    Have fun Fish Hard

    Life to short

    Becides we have no fish on the canadian side lol

    BUT PLEASE give us a decident Hockey team

    Sorry just though something should be said canada rocks

    Did not mean to ruffle anyone up


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