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  1. Byron

    welcome .....

    To add to what frank has said the cost of making a die will run you from 8-20 k depending on what you want done with it , I have looked into it with the local companies and there is a huge cost up front die, press set up and then press time ,before you get your first part in your hands. Unless you are looking to sell 25-50k there is no savings on making your own.


  2. Kev

    If you can find a lite with uv LED bulbs in it that's the way you want to go, it is far the best lite to work on the glow spoons . The glow that is out there is designed to be rechargered by uv ,yes you can us a hi beam style lite but if you want to get the most out of the spoon uv. It is like sitting them on your dash on a sunny day.


  3. Frank

    I would agree with you on that statement ,but what gets me is if you take someone out with you that has no clue and really wants to learn what to do so they can go it alone ,and they just sit there shooting the **** with everyone else and when the rod go's they just ask why they lost it or why they couldn't fight all the fish? There is alot to learn from someone else when you are out on there boat ,I by far am not as good as the next guy thats why I ask and listen to what ever I can so the next time I am out I have something new to try or maybe a fall back plan when it's not working for me. And I always ask if they would like me to drive.Even the boat owner sometimes likes a break or reel one in.

  4. To go one even better after the boat with dead battery will not start, jump start it with the truck, proceed out onto the big water 5+ miles, anchor and fish for awhile, and then realize that most outboard alternators do not put much back into a battery.:grin: Some dummy like me will tow them in.:)

    Don't forget they love to listen to the radio while there out there fishing and run every thing the draw the battery down even more,And yes we all can be that dummy by towing then in normally with out a thank you. Isn't life on the water just grand.:lol:

  5. Rule of thumb the more day light you have the better it works ,It works on the UV rays given off from the sun,so on a sunny day the UV is high and even on a cloudy day there are still UV out there but not as strong.That's what makes it work. I always run a few hot color patterns with UV all day rain or shine.


  6. I would have to say both.... Being that in low lite conditions the uv just don't work like it would in a bright sunny day or even in a some what over cast day, I use both and the uv make the lures that you would normally use in the upper water collum 0-30 or so just as good at depts of 60-70 org,yellow and char have so much color with the uv coating.

    I'm sold on it and I will use it till the next greatest thing pops up


  7. The best one is the weekend worriors at the ramp that only take there boat out once a year and forgot how to back it up and unhook it and then find out they should have charged the battery ,so they can start the boat after we have been waiting 20 min.

    I just have to laugh in anger.

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