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  1. well there are only a few things ,fuel is one . Is it getting fuel? guessing it is not carbed Is there a line that you can crack to see if it is pumping fuel? could be pump or simple clog somewhere. 2 are you getting spark? pull a plug and ground it and see if there is a spark.

    If it did over heat and it was rolling over its not locked up. But the beeper I believe is a over heating beeper. I'm not sure if your system have a rev system the shuts down when over heating.

    I hope this help or gives you a starting place.

  2. well Uv dont glo so to speak the colors are brighter from the added coating that can be seen under UV lite, but with the uv that is coming from the sun makes it work at deeper deeps. we us uv in our final coat so it should last as long as the final coat last.

  3. I would have to agree with BW. I have given out a lot of stuff in the few years that I have been around. And some people I won't answer the phone for ,just for the reason steve & BW have said we as sponsors ,work hard at what we do and enjoy what we do ( I know I do)and don't have a issue handing out things for the tourneys and other events, but we do get beat down with a lot of the people and place's that don't even say thanks. I know for me that cost sometime is pretty great on give always, but I know when the right people are putting the tourney together, we do get paid back by the fisherman that pat us on the back and also for the one that go to our local stores and buy from them. It's a great feeling to know something you have worked so hard on is paying off for other people.

    I know last year when ken and dave called from the WMFL they had it together,and I was happy to help them out.


  4. Eric

    There could be a number of things that make you lose a cyc , bad valve ,stuck ring ,hole in the piston ,weak or broken spring, I agree with frank do a leak test. The motor being bored a 60th is done for if it is in the bottom end 60th is max you want to go on it. but you still have a lot of time to replace it ,with the new motor in hand ,you can have it in and out in a weekend.

  5. Eric

    Why don't you have it rebuilt, then you have a new motor that will last another life time of seasons. I have a friend out of zeeland mi that rebuilds motors full time and you won't be sorry taking it to him and he loves to fish also.I believe jon from this site has used him last year. I also had him do all the prep work on mine and I put it back together and dropped it in.

    If you need his name and phone # I can send it to you.

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