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  1. My brothers and I got a late start this am, And had a hard morning today .

    we only ended up with 3/3 Two steel and nice king.

    All fish can on a south troll.

    97-126 fow

    2.6 sog

    what worked

    BLL hog wild 5 color 2 steel heads

    BLL patroit rigger down 55 (13 lb king)

    we only could get three bite but put them all in the box.


  2. I would have to agree with what Jimmy has said , I to am a tackle manufacture as a lot of you know and he is right by saying the cost to donate to a large tourney is quite high for us. I have given grab bag for a lot of years ,and have stopped by to watch them give it away.

    I also agree on the captain comment that I try not to give a lot to them because there is no reason to give to someone that has a sponsor and can not give a true feed back . For me it all about the feed back that comes with giving things out. This is why I enjoy handing it out to the guy that can get out and fish once or twice a week and put the item down and give it a true test. Not that I don't give things out to the guys that fish everyday.

    I believe that the committee that runs this do a great job along with fred from the 333 could things be better (like my boss has told me you will never get a 10 because there is always room to improve on a good thing) Are they running a great show my answer is yes . I would also have to agree on the 5 fish limit , I also bass fish and it is the best of 5 fish that make you work for the big ones.

    That's my 2 cents


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