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  1. I have been buying from WPT for years and never had any issues with there tape sticking even the thicker stuff sticks really well. The trick is to not use to much or us small cuts on the edges. And we coat everything so it stays there.

    I ran the #'s that were listed above under a uv lite and nothing happened unlike the coating we us it turns blue in color so i guess i can't call it uv, but that's just my option.

  2. I have heard that the store on 44th street in getting out of the fishing line and going all into hunting items. Not to happy about that they have a lot of nice things out there. Hope it's not true,but if it is,there is a lot of sales coming up I bet.

  3. I am looking for some input on some color patterns that have worked for trolling spoons for northern pike, I had some one ask me the other day if I could paint some spoons for trolling for pike, I told them that I don't normally spray pike spoons ,but I would ask around if anyone has any good patterns and colors that work for them. I know they would be using them in the U.P. So if any one has any info I would love to hear it. I know red and white are always good and I have heard yellow and red can also be a hot color also. but from there I am lost.



  4. I am guessing the the motor is free and not froze by the way you are posting . you have asked about oil in the plug hole. If it was me I would us about a half qt of tranny fluid split between all of them . It is a old trick that we used back in the day for motors that have been sitting around,the inside walls still do rust just by the heating and cooling of the casting.(summer winter) which makes rust,and if you have a ring that is froze it normally frees up. I would fill them till they are full and let it sit a few days, the longer the better. then slowly roll it over by hand with the plugs out. After that prime the pump and fire it for a few min's so you have pressure shut it down and change the oil. Use a High grade straight weight oil with a rust retarder. rebuild the carb and water sep. If you don't have time to drain the tank use a 5gal outboard tank.

    hope this helps

  5. jim

    you bet it is great that I have one daughter that love's to hunt, beings I have all daughters and I really enjoy spending time with them all. But it's better when one can out do there old man on a sport I enjoy so much, now let's see if they can out fish me. lol I hope so.

  6. well the 2012 deer hunt was to say great for my daughter(15) and I ,we had seen a lot of deer and my daughter again out shot her dad and all the rest of our 11 man party for the first few day. we each got a buck her a 5pt and I a 4pt with a doe each to go along with them.

    The best part was watching her take her deer a 200 and 225 yards with a 270 and thinking that was a easy shot and no tracking. she has become know as the sniper of the fields.picture.php?albumid=301&pictureid=677

  7. Mike

    just sitting here and reading this post ,what is the chance we can put up a post for our young hunters (just for fun) so we can all see what our young kids are shooting this year,

    For me the best part of hunting last year was to take my 14 year old daughter out with me for the first time and she was able to shoot her first deer (4 point buck) and she was the only person in our 9 person party able to take a buck for the first 10 days. Not that we did try but we just couldn't bring them down. Proud moment when you child can beat the old man at deer hunting. And she is ready to do it again this year.


  8. My two cents on this topic take it or leave it..

    We don't hand out as much as I use too, This being said ,there are a lot of great people on the pro staff and off, but for every good one there are two that I wouldn't give the time of day to .

    I have learned over the past few years, that some people out there are only out for the big WIN and there are others out there willing to help out and try the new samples or new items that we offer. And post or give us feed back on what is working and what is not.

    I had gave a large amount of spoons and flies out to a tourny this year and only asked for a t-shirt in return just so I could have something to show off ,but oh sorry that didn't happen,(I know what your thinking ) But the items that I gave away didn't even go to that tourny . I found out they got split up between a small club outing. I'm not sure what to say ,I am willing to help but if your going to take what we have given you and not put it towards what it was intended for why ask in the first place.

    It is very rare that we say no to someone if it is for a good cause,the vet outing was one we were proud to help out with,and there were others like it.

    we are a growing company and enjoy the sales and the following of friends and some really honest fisherman out there along with the supper tackle shops that have gave us a shot we hope to become that go to company some day.

    sorry if this offends some people ,we have never pushed our product or even our stickers with our logo on any one ,if they are out there it is because people have asked for them.

    That's my two cents take it or leave it. This is a great site and I am glad there are a lot of good honest people on and running it.

    Luremaker BBL

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