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  1. Anyone own a sportjet 90 or 120?

    I have a chance to pick up a sea Ryder jet boat cheap but it dose need some work. Like carbs rebuilt(leaking badly) and starter rebuilt just to get it running again, I havn't worked on one of these before just wondering if it is a money pit or a ok boat for the kids to play on the lake with



  2. Dave

    My thought on this is no. Unlike Glo UV only makes your colors brighter so the more you have down dose not hurt, unlike the mag glow you really don.t want to load ever rod , it will look like you are draging a christmas tree around under water to a fish,

  3. I would agree with everyone else to stay away from them ,I had one on a 78 and when the trim system go's out it is a pain to find parts and the cost reflects that. I know that Iboat still have some of these parts, but you can smoke the ball gears so easy and last i heard it was running 600 to repair them

  4. I talked to a fishing buddy at work this week ,that put's in a port sheldon every year and he said you can though a rock as far as you can and it lands in mud. I haven't road out there yet to check it out, but if this is true holland had better great more parking space.

  5. Jon

    If it was my prop and money I would take it to great lakes prop in grand haven ,17363 hayes st. 616-846-2401 I have had all my work done by him and you will not be disappointed far better then other places I have taken it to in the past.And very far.

  6. I would have to agree with what Dave has said. We have come a long way with spoons and flies in the past 10 years. We now have better colors coatings and tapes that help with the way we target fish and in the most case's they hold up.

    The day's of putting a pc of tape on a spoon are gone but not forgot-in. As one of those manufacture's we spend a lot of time looking a great colors and patterns that will work in all waters for all condition and it is not a easy task to come up with the next hot lure or top 10 lures that will keep the fish biting and keep the fisherman wanting more.

    For our company I can tell you we get a kick when one or two of our lures take off. We then know that we are on the right track and we have listened to what the fisherman wanted.


  7. Joe

    Glad you are happy with what you are using , Dave would be the one to ask about BLL he has helped out a lot with spoon colors in the past few years and he really knows what is working at what time. And he may have a few prototypes from time to time on board to try out.

  8. Ken

    Just got your order packaged and it will be sent out in the next day or so with others.

    Side note how many fish do you think you landed with this spoon? It had to be a lot. You worked it though the coating into the paint.It may not be pretty but it still is putting fish in the box I like it :)

  9. Arron

    I agree with what you are saying about the bike paths. I have a friend that has land that once backed up to 40 acres of of prime hunting property, the biggest bucks I have ever seen walk in it daily. The state came in cut a path in it and told him no more hunting. What a bite in the butt. The thing that got me they paid $480,000 for this 40 acres.Now if you want to tinkle away that kind of money what are you going to do for me,the guy that likes to hunt and fish????

  10. Erik

    I have mixed feelings on this,I agree the price should go up, But i can see one of to things happen, one I can see that the cost being so high is going to hurt the low income that enjoy hunting and fishing and just say I can't afford it and stop ,where there is a decline in both hunting and fishing now. Or they are just going to go without and take a chance. Or and this is the big one, I can see the our great government say hay we are a little short and the DNR has extra we can just borrow there moneys to fund something stupid and pay it back later. But later never comes... I point to the social security if people in office would have left there hands out of that cookie jar our kids would be able to retire, but now I am just hoping there is money left for me even if I have to work longer in life to get it. This is my thought.

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