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  1.  I am posting to see what kind of or if anyone is interested in a swap meet in Holland again this year?

    We had a very good turn out last year for our first year holding a swap meet and like to see what kind of numbers we can put together before I ask to use our church to hold this event.

    I put a small post on Face Book and has a post on  Michigan Sportsman.

    Please pass the word and contact me by email so I can get some kind of numbers on tables.

    [email protected]





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  2. Thanks to everyone that showed up for the our first Holland tackle swap meet and making it a great turn out.

    Our hope is that we can grow this year after year.

    we have got a lot of positive feed back on how to make it bigger and better for years to come.

    Thanks again


  3. Just a reminder that we are holding our swap meet this saturday , new time for set up is 6 am for those who need the extra time I will be there then.

    It will be held at Calvary CRC 400 Beeline Road Holland Michigan 49424, along side of the church in the lodge , there will be help from the youth team if needed , off loading in the small parking lot . We have the use's of some carts to help with the transporting of your item's.

    We have 38 tables spoken for so it should be a great turn out, tell your friends and enjoy a day of deals.

    IF you have any questions feel free to call me 1-616-990-1800.



  4. Big thanks to Tim for helping me out with this, with both of us working on this project we are going to put the swap meet on there is enough interest and hoping the turn out will be as good. :thumb:

    1st Annual Free Sportsman Swap Meet Holland 3/7/2015

    When: Saturday March 7, 2015 from 9 am to 1 pm.

    Where: Calvary CRC, 400 Beeline Road, Holland, Michigan 49424

    Saturday March 7, 2015 is the date for this years swap meet so mark your calendars.

    We are having a swap meet for anyone that would like to sell, swap, and buy excess sporting gear on Saturday March 7, 2015 from 9 am to 1 pm. We are thinking that the theme be related to items for fishing and hunting, but also are considering that it be open to all sporting goods in general. No flea market junk, just good used gear that one no longer needs or use. No guns or ammo will be allowed on the premises.

    Sellers contact me prior to the event to reserve a table. Donation will be $10 per table. Sellers are welcome to share or split tables. If there are left over tables we will offer them up for donation only basis for those who would like to sell, and cannot reserve, afford, or do not need a full table. Contact me at [email protected] for table availability and registration.

    Seller set up will happen between 7:00 and 9 am.

    Buyers can stop by free from 9-1 pm. This will be a free event for buyers, donations gladly accepted. Bring cash and change if possible to make it easier on the sellers who will have limited abilities to make change throughout the day.

    Early birds can get in from 8am- 9am only with a $5 donation, after 9am admittance is free.

    The Youth Ministry will be on hand to sell coffee,baked goods, and lunch. Please support them with their fund raiser.

    We will have plenty of tables, chairs, and room to spread out in this facility. Please DO NOT call the facility directly since this is a private event, contact myself with any questions or issues.

    Bring the family out for a day of fun, bargains, lunch, and good friends.

    Hope to see you there!

  5. Just a update.

    I have seen alot of people looking at the post but very few reply's.

    I was really hoping that we could get more interested in putting this together,i realize that it is short notice ,but I believe there is still time to put a good show together.Just need people to let me know on tables.

    The date i was looking at was march 7th if we can get enough people to pull together.This would be 3 weeks before the GR sport show. so there would be no conflict . Pass the word to other people that are not on this forum and see what we can do.

    You can message me if you have any questions



  6. I am looking to see if there is enough interest out there for a swap meet in Holland this year?

    I have been a part of the one that Tim has put on in the past, and have enjoyed the sale,and meeting the people.

    I have spoke to my church and have a green lite so far if the turn out would be there.

    All table,entry fees and food sales would go to the youth ministry's for a up and coming trip.

    If you are interested in seeing this happen or want to be a seller, please drop me a email so I can see what the interest would be.

    I can be emailed at [email protected]



  7. Looking for best places to purchase color strips to make/redo some big lake spoons.

    Also, any suggestions for best applications so they don't come off so easily.

    As always, Thank you so much for your time and wisdom in advance.


    Scott what are you looking for maybe I have some of it in stock. Also after putting the tape on go out and buy a good can of spray clear and put a few coats over the spoon it will help to keep the tape on


  8. Brandon

    When I say back flushing I mean, I have a bottle pump the I bought from auto zone for a few buck that fits the antifreeze gal bottle and i put a fitting in the block drain(both sides) and pump it full with antifreeze, about a gal and a half and put some in the manifold(about 2cups). I never have warmed the engine I do it cold but you can do it warm. by doing it this way you pump antifreeze to every part of the motor. I just have been doing it this way for year and have had great luck. May be over kill but $7.00 of antifreeze is far cheaper then $1,500 for a new motor.

  9. Welcome Bradon

    I have a 4.3 also. I may over kill When i winterize mine But I drain mine in the same fashion ,Remember when you drain the manifolds make sure you stick a pc of wire or small screwdriver in the drain plug hole. The reason is the mud the you sucks up gets packed in the manifold and you will get some water to drain but there is still alot left in there. And what get's left will freeze and crack them.

    I also back pump antifreeze into the block and manifold so if there is any water left it is mixed with antifreeze. It really dose not take any longer to do this and I never have had a crack block or manifold. For $7 it's the worth its weight in gold for me.

  10. Jim thanks i will try the flux wire and see what happens and try to get a meter on it to watch the voltage. if all fails , will take it in to lake welding here in town where i bought it from. Just didn't want to drop a ton on it just to have them say it's going to cost me another $500 or so to fix or replace.

    It is a 115v unit and I never use a extension core , I know the there father away from any item the less the voltage is.

    Thanks for the help

  11. Jim

    I have 500 psi on the tank so it is running low but not sure if that is the issue?

    Do you have a miller and is the board a common issue?

    It will weld great for a min and the next not so well. I have been using this for years so i know it's not me and the sound pitch change's when it don't weld very good.

  12. Ok this is a off subject ,but I bet someone out there may be able to help me .

    I have a miller 130 wire welder and it just started to weld funny the burn sound has changed and it dose not lay bead down like it should.

    Any one out there repair these units or have any ideas what to start with?



  13. Ok I'm looking for input

    The wife and i are looking to give our car to my first year collage student to drive back and forth from big rapids,when she wants to come home.

    So we now have to find a new ride, I have been looking at the GMC envoys I really like the looks, But I hear the 4.2 suck for gas mileage.I have also looked at the trailblazer but perfer the GMC. Any one out there have one of these and what are you getting for mpg's and will it pull a 19 foot boat?

    Any input is great.



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