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  1. I wish I had a panther mount ,but I have the drop arm style and there is play in it up and down has very little but the side to side is what I'm worried about the springs are good but it still moves around, and I don't want to see it bouncing down the road.(Not a good thing)

    I thought about strapping it in place but there is no real good spot to lock it in.


  2. Thanks Don

    That's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure that I wasn't nuts by not leaving it on the boat. I will have enough on my mind with a fully loaded boat and truck with three kids to boot.

    I will post if I can while in ludington on how the fishing is going.


  3. Need your input , I am leaving for ludington this weekend to spend a week up there with family and friends, I am taking my 19 foot star craft (glass) and it has a kicker motor bracket on back. ( a good heavy one) Question is it safe to put my 9.9 on it for the 100 mile trip??? or best to make room in the truck box?? I have ran it on there from my house to the lake (3 mile ) but never any father. Or are these things make to take a bouncing and not to worry about it?

    Thanks for the input.


  4. Can any one tell me if you can fit 250 copper on a daiwa sealine 47H ?

    I'm thinking a penn 209 and 210 is too small also. Just have extra's sitting around and would like to add copper to my line up.



  5. I would like to Thank All of the great bunch of fisherman that showed up today and fished the WMFL tournament out of Holland ,I took in a lot of info On how the new uv spoon did with a a lot of different anglers using them in all different types of waters and depths.I will take this info and hope to keep on making new and better spoons.

    A big Thanks go's out to Ken (nailer) for having me aboard his boat, I had a great time and helped put some nice fish in the box, even though he had use doing all the copper work, I learned a lot .Thanks again.

    Thanks for making Big Lake Lures welcome and I really hope I can do it again next year.


  6. Duane

    IF you have to order any parts try Iboat .com they have great prices on there parts.

    When the vr went out on my johnson 150 it was a pc of cake to fix the bad thing is the fly wheel has to come off to do so. It could be your stater, that is what dose the charging. But I would pull the battery and see if you have a bad cell in it first. Tach will not drain the battery if the key is off. something has to be left on to drain the battery. Or its not charging.


  7. I agree with what has been said they are slow but they are a great work horse I use mine for core and have never had any issues ,I would use them if that's what you can a ford and they will give you years of service.


  8. Good job Dave.

    Try to turn your graph off and see if your radio works on the hi power ,some graphs draw so much power that other items can't run right. I have a bother and his graph takes so much power that it will shut it self down when battery is not putting out enough volts.

    Set me the photo from today to my email so I can post it on the web site.


  9. Erik

    Good luck we all are praying for you . We have a little girl that has a rare blood disorder and we have found the Grand Rapids has the best doctors out there ,they found what was wrong and put all the cards on the table and keep us up to date on everything that is going on and as a parent that is what need to happen .. I know things will work out in the long run for you ..


  10. Nick

    Great Report ,sorry you hit a few snags but you did the right thing by towing then in. Alot of people will not go out of there way to do that.

    Great fishing report ,we are offering the prototype spoons and more at the powder horn In holland now ,you and dave have been doing a great job and you are finding the fish we just had to add them. Thanks keep the info coming and photos of your catch is always great.

    Luremaker BLL

  11. Ben

    As far as I know If you have a pole in your hand you most have a license ,Some c.o have gone as far as ticketing some people even holding and netting the fish. I have seen this happen in one of our state parks at the end of the season with the run. The 17year dose not have to have one if they are with a parent.


  12. Flyboy

    Ask the shop owner to order you one or have one put aside on there next order that comes in, most shop owners will do that it still is a sale for them. If not call the company and see what they will do for you


  13. Jon

    I would do a full rebuilt , I have rebuilt alot of motors in my days , If you just do a bottom rebuilt the top end will need to be rebuilt in a few years and you will have to go and pull the motor again and in the long run may cost you more then the rebuilt. I sent you a pm on someone I have used and will always use . And he loves fishing .


  14. jon

    Any idea on how many hrs are on this motor? And did it run well before this happened?

    If the motor ran strong last season I would start with the oil pan and pull the rod and main cap ,first mark each one in order 1-? and only on one side ,the mains and rod cap have to go on the same way they came off.You may be able to just have a spun bearing and get by with crank work.If you are going to have it rebuilt ,you can email me if you like I have a good friend that builds pro motors for all apps and is well known around the holland zeeland area.He has beat any price around on rebuilds from start to finish or if you want to put it together he does that too.


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