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  1. We got another one to "hook up" this morning. It was way too warm for anything to be moving but we found a couple and he got one if them.

    14 years old, first deer. It seems the 50th or so shot is a charm.


  2. Got my boy out for his third season of deer hunting a couple weeks ago. (He is 13) He doubled up on the second day. Nothing big but I don't care. I told him to shoot mine too if he wanted.




    Last year



    2010. First deer.


    Got a buddy's kid his first deer this year


    And another kid I know got his first one this year. Got himself a unicorn lol.


    Fun to watch em. :)

    Feel free to post up your kids deer.

  3. There freakin fugly, and i dont want to have to navigate around them espically on erie where there is 300 - 500 boats all fishing the same area. you think the pack in ludington or manistee is bad come down and see what sputnick is like when the fish are there add in windmills and someone is gonna get killed. I am completely against these hazards to navigation. put em somewhere else. we dont need em.

    All a matter of opinion. Where should they put them then?? Obviously somewhere where you will not have to see them. What about the person that lives where you think they should go? Don't get me wrong, I don't want them in any of the lakes either, but they are more than likely going somewhere. Good luck stopping it.

    I don't know about the buffer zone on them. Where that came from or who, if anybody ever said it, we regularly use them for "cover" while hunting. There isn't one around here that you can't drive up to and touch if you want. Don't see why it would be any different on the water, but its possible.

    To be perfectly honest why they would want to put them over there is beyond me. The wind needed to run them just isn't there.


    Edit: As I said before, I am absolutely opposed to them in the lakes also. Don't misread that.

  4. Very few times have I ever been worried about if my big screen tv quit my life could be in jeopardy. At the same time very few times have I ever been worried that if my plotter quits my life could be jeopardized but at the same time thousands of dollars are at stake everytime we go out in the dark, fog, rain through breakwalls, bouys, narrow channels which impairs our vision enough that we could very likely wreck alot of stuff if not endanger somebodies life. It's just nice to know that it will work when I want/need it to. Put an LCD/plasma tv in a 20 ft boat and run it 10 miles in a 3 ft chop and see how long it lasts. I have never had any major problems with any of my electronics that couldn't be traced back to something I more than likely did to it. I have what could probably be considered mid-grade electronics at best considering what is out there. (1197si & lcx37) I will pay a little more next time I upgrade more than likely.

  5. Lost 1 complete setup with the winning kd fish screaming on it when the fish fighter lost his balance (2 ftrs) and let it go flying out of the back of the boat. Other than that a few ff's & spoons.

    Coulda made a great score on a loveseat floating out in 140 off Algoma during the childwish event but I didn't have a net big enough. :(


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