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  1. Boltman, not everyone has a high budget in mind for a fish boat, or they would get a 50' Tiara, like Blue Fairways up here, insurance man, lol. The newer diesels are a lot less fumey too, but very costly. All depends alot on the person's prime usage of the vessel. Most bigger boats 40' and over have diesels, and their weight justifies the expense, and moving that boat for cruising. If fishing and budget aren't a main issue, get the bigger diesel boat to cruise the whole lake, and fish if you want to occasionally. Just remember, bigger boats cost more to run, store for winter, maintain, operate, and insure. Not to mention dockage and electronics.

  2. When the water is 68 from top to bottom over 100' FOW, what depth do you fish? Put rigger ball on bottom and bring it up to 3'-6' off bottom, suggest 20' leads. Lead core at 80' FOW up by point went 4 times with 8 colors, big paddle and short blue flies. Fish are deep until cold water from north flips the lake. Diver out in 80' FOW high 150', lows out 100', glow spatters w/meat plugs going. Sliders on riggers up 15' from main, flintstones and moonshines. Hoping for cold water, too much south winds, now high winds today.

  3. Timeout, the scare factor #2 isn't an issue really. Gas vs. diesel is a factor. Most of the vessels in great lakes fishing are gas. Typically, diesel is for greater economy, and long trips offshore. When I say long trips I don't mean 10-15 nautical miles, I mean like ocean fishing 40-75 nautical miles offshore. Gas is usually your best choice for great lakes, and the cost is drastically less. I also personally don't like diesel fumes. You might want to befriend someone or take a test run on the boat of your choice to see what you like. I would recommend a boat in the 31'-35' range, makers like Sea Ray, Wellcraft Coastal, Chris Craft Commander, Silverton, Trojan International, to name a few. Pursuit and Tiara's are also nice, but overpriced imho. People this time of year are making bargain buys usually, if someone wants out of that big boat.

  4. That 70-1/2 Z Camaro was a major style change in that car from the 1969 model. I don't believe Chev. introduced it until the new year instead of the previous fall. I had the same car in a rust color with white vinyl interior. Got a lot of looks and compliments on it for the 4 years I owned it too.

  5. When you are fishing offshore for steelies, give it a try on every trip and see if you get results. I like the orange and red ones for steelhead, but yellow and blue also works on darker days. I also run them on a shallow rod like high line, or 2 color off the small planer boards.

  6. Blake, I'd try posting an adv. in the charterboat websites that offer space for that, or contact them to put in their newsletter asap. There are a few captains listed on the Ludington Charter Boat Assoc. website as captains for hire, not having their own boat. Ted Malt is one up here in Lud.. Good luck.

  7. With regulations on captains changing yearly, it's hard to keep up. Having said that, I was talking about renewal captain licenses, sorry. Didn't know beginners still need it. Anyhow, that's the US Gov't. for you. Take another $150 or so for something that will not be needed again, and let the citizen pay out more, and do more work, basically, for naught.

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