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  1. Dan - I've found they're out deep in springs with lots of east and north winds like this year. As lake warms early in season, north and east winds prevent nearshore waters from warming earlier than offshore and sometimes the offshore water warms first. However, it is unusual for lakers to move out early, I just don't think we have many of those left in SoHa. My best guess is the one you got was a Wisconsin fish. 

  2. For what it's worth, I often fish solo with three rods and prefer to run two riggers. That way I fish five lures (sliders on the riggers) and cover a much bigger portion of the water column. The third rod is copper, lead, flat line, or a diver dependent on how deep the fish are. The riggers are by far the most productive for me. Was 3 for 3 Thursday night (solo) and 5 for 7 (solo) last night with all hits both nights on riggers.

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