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  1. I plugged in the lake master chip into my Lowrance LCX27 but I was not able to get the lowrance to recognize the chip. I thought it was plug and play, maybe not though. Any ideas or things I should try. I have a Lowrance LCX27 and the chip is a Lake Master LPWIC5.

  2. I don't like Cabelas so my opinion is jaded. The Wisconsin DNR has downloadable maps for almost every lake. A few years ago I bought the sportsman collection book with all the maps for lakes south of Hwy 10. Really good purchase.

    If your ever on a lake and you don't have a signal the app is useless. There are a ton more free options versus giving cabelas $30.

  3. I am looking to make the boat as fuel efficent as possible, not that I care about the ice caps I care more about the wallet. I have trim tabs on the boat and I was curious if a hydrofoil is worth the money. Will it help me get on plane at slower speeds, reduce the RPMs on a hole shot to get the boat up. I cannot trim the motor all the way up because of the EZ Steer and the swim platform. I never run WOT, so that's not an issue.

  4. Your age may turn some potential clients off, chartering is a lot more than just catching, you really need to understand the business side. I never went off to college after high school and I turned out just fine, although I have gone back to school. Find out what it is you want to do and start working for it. More importantly done let a women derail your plans.....

  5. I went with a depth raider and like someone mentioned I dont know how I fished without one. The Depth Raider is a tried and true piece of gear, and came recommended by several people whose opinions I trust. I am sure fish hawk makes a great product, but I prefer to give my money to a local business.

  6. Thanks gentlemen, I think I am going to give the Fog X a try this spring, figure it cant hurt.

    Jim: I like the new logo, I am leary about buying things in the State Fair expo hall. I bought a super magic mop once that I saw the guy wipe up ketchup with, when I tried using the mop at home with water it was a POS. Damn snake oil mop salesmen....

  7. I keep my boat in dry stack, however if I want to fish early morning my boat sits in the water overnight. In the sping and fall there is a lot of condensation on the glass. Would Rain X help at all? I am going to wire in a small fan this spring but I was wondering if something else would help.

  8. Dont rule out mono lines either. Running and orange brad thin fish on a mono line will boat fish. Coho fishing is the easy part of great lakes fishing. Mid summer kings is where skill outfishes luck.

    1-2-3 color leadcores on boards will fill your box when coho fishing.

  9. I am sure this has been discussed in the past but I have some questions about dive bombs... They never caught on, on the west coast of the lake. I dont know any guys that run them. I know in Michigan they seem to be popular. I have them in 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz.

    I RARELY run straight mono lines with weights. My normal spread consists of riggers, dipsys, and leadcore with some copper mixed in come the summer months when everything goes deep. Are these things benefical? Last year they sat on the boat and didnt see the water.

    How can I use these in my spread to catch more fish, or are they junk. For leadcore I run the following color set ups 2-3-5-5-7-10 (two 5 colors on board).

    I am a believer that after 35 Feet or 210' of leadcore, copper, dipsys, or riggers are the best options to get lines down deep. Can these dive bombs help me get deeper, how much deeper, and is it worth the hassle of trying to unclip a dive bomb and a board all while fighting a fish.

    I have them, dont use them, you MI guys seem to know best, what do you think.

  10. I dont know how many set ups you have or want to have on board. Personally I dont use the 32# CU because it's will get you the same depth as leadcore, however there are days where the CU is on fire and the leadcore doesnt get touched.

    If you want buy a 300' spool of 45# CU and experiment. I use CU when I want to get deeper. I have three copper combos on board a 125', 225', and a 300'. I personally use Opti, I had bad luck with the Howie copper. I recommend tying up using the haywire twist and let it out SLOWLY!

  11. I live threads like these because it seems everyone does well on so many different lures. My top 5 from last year were...

    1. Pro King - black/white rotten bananna with green ladderback

    2. Pro King - black/white rotten bananna with raspberry ladderback

    3. Moonshine Bloody Nose

    4. Moonshine Dancing Anchovy

    5. Pro King gold over black aka MGD

    This year I ran more Pro Kings than anything else, especially in the dark when I normally would run Moonshines. The PK with the green ladderback, I ran four of those at one point during the Brew City tournament. They did well enough to get me in a money spot.

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