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  1. I will do Tony, thanks

  2. Bob how was the Sun shine trip? maybe see ya on the water! Here fishy fishy L O L ..

  3. Heidi, are you guys fishing the can2can, also got your friends thing don't know how to do that, but your still a friend I gess L.O.L

  4. Yes the boat is ready, but the weather is not! sounds like a good Idea if I wasn't working, we would do that it would be fun in fact I was on the boat yesterday running it on the water muffs and I was ploting a coarse to st.joe thinking it would be a great trip, today I went up to Franks outdoors and met with priority1 and bought 6 rods from him nice fella.

    Maybe we'll get together one of these day, hope to see ya soon.

  5. TopDawG; good too see-ya yesterday at port hope, also I got the knot down, the albright simple to do, can't wait to get over to pentwater and tie in to some those's hoggs to see if it holds, good luck in Frankfort next weekend, I'll be doing the Kids thing in Harbor Beach, keep the lines tight and the hooks sharp.

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