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  1. well so far I have two braid dipseys, 150 yds 30# pp, backing to fill reel until line counter was calibrated reeled on backwards and then put on other reel and matched for second reel. Next two reels done with 5 colors, 1oo ft oncounter of 30# BG, 150 yds 30# pp and ten level winds of 30# BG backer then put on other reel and matched on next reel. So I have 4 reels matched to make repeatable, two dipseys and two cores. Now how do I make a knot with 45# copper that will fit through a 30 reel guide? Use PPro or mono? Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!! Rick

  2. Yes, I run 4 poles on 45 spaced 9" apart, but like i said earlier I can rotate them so I can separate them nicely and adjust how the boards track in the water, and when going to the dock the holders rotate out of the way with the poles in them for docking. I can post a picture tonight if you want

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