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  1. Good Day All,

    I am looking at getting an Fishhawk x4 and want to get a better Idea what I should focus on once I do and if I could possibly get away with just getting the Fishhawk TD.

    I currently make around 8 trips per year Last year I averaged about 6 fish per trip only using my HDS.

    I am curious how much more this will improve my time on the water, With that said when utilizing the speed and temp what do you feel accounts for more fish knowing the speed or temp at the ball?



  2. I have an older steering unit on my boat, and whenever I leave the helm the boat turns rather drastically, With fishing with only two on the boat it looks like we are dancing when landing a king. My question is would the Teleflex NFB type steering units help to eliminate this?


  3. Thinking of hitting the nearest port this weekend which will be Oscoda to our families cabin. I haven't fished there in 15 years. Can you still launch at Bunyantown? I have never launched out of the au sable before anything to be cautious of? Any guidance on what to focus on? Lakers / Kings / Steel? boats all rigged up and ready for Ludington, but gonna head north with the family this weekend.



  4. great trip ended 13 -20 or so. with the biggest around 22 lbs... Strictly spoon bite couldn't get flashers, plugs or meat to go. All on Moonshines except one a DW mix veg, Green Jeans, Happee Meal, Bad Toad were the top producers via 150 coppers and a wire at 80 and a braid at 100. Only got one rigger to pop. Feels good to put a good box of fish together:) appreciate all the help and guidance from this site.

  5. Made the trek over for the evening bite, since the weather and winds looked good for the first time. Ran south to the Jects. Had a few technical difficulties with gear but easily fixable. Added some blood run copper this year and was very pleased had 3 rips on a 300' copper w/ happee meal last nite and had a screamer just about spool us on a small glow ladderback off the rigger northport nailer plug. Nice quality fish. marked some bait 150 fow but no takers found the fish in 100-130 fow. Then an eary fog set in and we called it a nite

  6. I'm going into my second season on my boat. Last year was a learning experience but very fulfilling! I ended up boating 8 fish in 4 trips. This year I have added two wire diver rods. So I am planning on running two riggers at the corners, a lo wire diver and a hi braid diver and occasionally some core.

    1.Last year I didn't catch any on flasher / flies. any suggestions to help dial it in or color combos?

    2. If you were to run a setup down the chute what would it be?

    3. What is your favorite setup to run off of leadcore.



  7. nice job adam it was a beautiful day. I started at the 19 foot contour and followed it north a few miles pretty slow but I wasn't suppose to be fishing as my wife says I apparently tricked her! she wanted to hit boaters beach. I popped a couple big cats and 2 eyes. Must have been too deep, and should have went out further. nothing beats "quality time" with the wife watching planers :thumb:

  8. Well after my first year with my boat I guess I better name it! after watching whale wars there boat is the "sea shepherd" I thought I could use my last name and name it "Salmon Shepherd" add in a salmon graphic and a shepherds crook to round it out.... Good Idea or too much time on my hands?




  9. Planning on adding 2 sets of wire to my program this year. I am planning on purchasing Convectors, Any suggestions on reel size, type and amount of backing, and the amount of wire? I would rather set it up myself than buy the pre set up combos.


  10. Ended up not finding any minnows, but did find some success using crawlers lining up where the two boat launches intersect and drifting with the canoe. Ended up catching 6 splake and missed quite a few more. Kept 2 around 14 inches for an appetizer they were phenomenal!

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