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  1. Couldn't resist the beautiful weather! Worked for 12 hours Friday getting the boat ready to splash on Saturday morning on short notice.

    After splashing and taking the boat for a spin in Lake Mac. We left the slip around 2-230pm and ran just a couple miles south of Holland.

    The two of us ended up with 3 Lake Trout, 2 Browns, 1 Steelhead, and 1 King and losing a couple other fish. Trolled in 5-15fow. A mix of DW WD series spoons and Silver Streak Mini's did the damage. Golds and oranges were best. 1 color, 2 color and divers all fired multiple times. Pulled lines at around 445-5pm.

    Big shoutout to Buster and Dan for all their help!



    Didnt take pics of fish :X

  2. Some videos say smear a small amount of grease or suntan lotion around the inside to help it slide on and off but I'm not to keen on that.

    Yea... don't do that.

    They're a great product. Fantastic for women and children.

  3. Terry,

    Sand it all down as smooth as possible. Then take mineral spirits and wipe it completely clean. Next slap on a coat of ablative. Sea Hawk makes a relatively inexpensive ablative bottom paint that will stick to pretty much ALL other ablative bottom paints.

    Dave at Advantage carries it.

    It's a big job.

  4. Hi all,

    TWIC is still required to get your initial license, it is the only way they can do the background check after doing away with the fingerprinting.

    If you are renewing here is a link for a letter to include with your application or just include a photo copy of your TWIC

    Feel free to contact me if you need help obtaining or renewing your license.


    Sue is a great resource for anyone looking at obtaining a captain's license!

  5. I have fished the Starweld 2000 a ton. It's an awesome boat. Handles beautifully, it's fast, and a downright walleye killing machine. They come with either an evinrude or a Mercury. I'm somewhat partial to the mercury. You get a lot of boat in the Starweld. They're typically less expensive than a Lund as well. Au Gres Marine will have a ton of info on them.

  6. I'd suggest the 4200. 5200 states it should be used only for applications in which whatever it is bonding, will NEVER be removed.

    4200 is EXTREMELY tough stuff too. You'll never have an issue with the 4200 in your application.

    I'd also suggest plugging, and re-glassing the holes before you put something over top of them. Just to be safe. Holes below the waterline are of course the most dangerous for the longevity of your boat.

  7. Distict 4 LAw Enforcement Division.


    Call them. Ask for a charter boat packet.

    Work on getting you captain's license application and all the other crap involved done before you worry about that.

    Get vessel coast guard documented.

    (TWIC, Drugtest/Physical, Character References, Sea Service Times, Application Fees)

    The paperwork and all the extra fees, and required "crap" turns out to be much worse than the actual class and exam.

  8. what is being accomplished (if you don't already know) is the longer length is "killing" the snap of the fly making it a more lethargic presentation..obviously the opposite is being obtained with the shorter lengths

    ^ That. I didn't go in to a lot of detail. Could prolly talk about this for hours. lol

    As far as lengthening, Call it over kill, but having extra flies is really the key.

    As a personal preference we run Big Weenie stuff. The majority of the flies will come right out of the package long enough to tie right on to a paddle. Simply trim it before attaching it to any other rotator. Another helpful tip, Tying a loop knot onto the snap swivel of the rotator will allow for quick changing of flies, rather than stealing the snap swivel from your favorite one.

  9. Your fly leads should match your presentation

    For example.

    Long fly leads are targeting less aggressive fish... slower speeds.

    Short fly leads are targeting more aggressive fish.. faster speeds.

    Paddles are the same way.

    long fly leads..long leads behind the ball, nuetral fish.

    Short fly leads, short behind the ball, Agressive fish.

    Your speed will also match this.

    as a general rule of thumb.. or on average.

    2.5mph- 3x the length of whatever atractor you're using.

  10. Great fishing continues out of Holland. Sunday am we finished with 14 fish. 8 kings, 4 trout, and two steel. Consistent action all day is what made the trip fun. Low divers at 130 with Kavorkian 10in spinny and Big weenie Thruster Buster meat rig as well as a Spotted Dick combo took several fish. Best rods on the boat were our high divers at 160-180 with a green dot/white blade closer with a Big weenie proctologist fly. The chute took several fish with an 8in fish scale paddle and a Big weenie Arctic Blast. 300-350 Morgan's Tackle co. coppers were very good with Kevin's Girlfriend 8' spinnie and Big weenie Proctologist flies.

    Sunday PM we finished with 8 very healthy kings. This trip was run by the girls. They did everything! They fought the fish, Net the fish, and set all the lines! They even had some time to enjoy a couple cocktails. All i had to do was keep the boat in 130fow. Same baits on the same setups. What a great weekend of fishing!


    Holland 9/28 am


    Holland 9/28 pm


    Holland 9/28pm


    Holland 9/28pm Doubled up


    Holland 9/28 PM

  11. What a fantastic weekend of fishing! Frankfort lake trout fishing is absolutely on fire north, near the reef. It was some of the most incredible lake trout fishing that i have ever experienced. We were lucky enough to finish 5th in the weekends Battle at the Betsie weighing in 66lbs for 5 lake trout. 42lbs was good enough for 6th in 333. Morgan's wire divers were absolutely rocking with white dodgers and white spin n glos. Big Weenie Meat rigs also pounded fish. If you get a chance, I urge you to give Frankfort's lake trout fishery a shot ... it's world class.




    What a crazy storm!!!!!

  12. Fishing in Frankfort right now is stellar! I had the opportunity to take the Sara K for a little fun fishing lastnight. We left the pier heads around 7pm ran straight out to the bank and worked north in 140-160fow. We took our 15 fish by 9:15pm. Big Weenie Brand meat rigs were the ticket. Both low divers and the chute was firing non stop. Morgans Tackle Company 75 and 250 coppers also took fish with a DW Mixed Veggie. Slide divers are still consistently taking fish at 90-100 back. Stinger Green Tux is still a top producer on that rod. Fishing is awesome right now! Get out there!!!


  13. I had the pleasure of traveling north, and helping out Greg Sheremeta aboard the Sara K. Fishing is fair out of Frankfort with catches ranging from 8-15 fish, while taking 10-20 bites. We fished south, near the herring hole all weekend. Slide divers back 70 and 90 with stinger steely stomper and green tuxedo were by far the best two rods on the boat. Morgan's Tackle copper in 75, and 150 foot segments also took fish with an array of Silver streak spoons. Big Weenie meat rigs took several fish on low divers 120-150 feet back, and on the chute around 70 down. There are plenty of fish in the Frankfort area, even with the continuous ice cold water.


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