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  1. Does anyone know of where I can buy some of these spoons , the website is down and no answer on facebook . Just get a busy signal on the phone number.

    I really like using these spoons and would like to get some more and replace a few that were lost buy some one who borrowed a couple.

    Specifically the double orange crush mag spoon.  The spoon is in the picture , its a old pic but it shows the spoon.



  2. well I didnt' see anything from this side of the pond so , my numbers are waaaayy down , 2 skunks , maybe 10 kings 20 lakers a few coho and half dozen steelies .

    All in all everyones numbers were down . The fish that did bite hooked up for the most part , very few drive bys or misses.

    We had no coho season , they stayed south of Racine .

    From what I understand next year might no even be as good .

    Largest hatch of Perch in decades so if we don't have a bad winter we just may have perch to fish in a few years .

    That is if they can find enough to eat along with the alewives .

    Starting to look like the might be crashing. Lets hope not.

  3. It may be one of the hds5 units , I had some issues and lowrance replace my hds5

    Under warranty with a hds5 gen 2 . I don't recall the exact issue , but there were some , and it may be because of the gen2 software. You can call lowrance or even check there trouble shooting for answers they are very helpful over the phone

  4. Nick are you running a network or just the Ethernet cable, Sounds like your running the wrong cable.

    A single cable run between the 2 units will work , if your on a network then you need terminator on each end of the network.

    If you go to Lowrance's website you can look it up . When you first turn on the 2 units you should have each one automatically setup the network . at that point they should recognize each other.

    are you connecting on the yellow port on the back marked ENET ? If your on the nema2k its the wrong port . You can also try not having the sonar connected to make sure its not the problem. Here is the page showing the Ethernet cables that you would use.



  5. If anyone is interested on the west side of the lake (Michigan)

    We (The Great Lakes Sport Fishermen of Milwaukee ) are planing a field trip to The Wild Rose Fish Hatchery , the cost of the trip is 6.00 per person or 10.00 for an couple .

    This is a Bus trip leaving from Ray and Dots VFW post .Also making a stop at Cabelas In Richfield WI.

    If you are interested please send me a PM and I will get more information to you ASAP. From what I understand one of the Federal tagging trailers will also be at that location.

    Tight Lines


  6. To make sure you don't lose a board, replace the OR-16 with a big snap swivel. To keep the board in place from sliding down while fighting a fish, put a rubber band around the line 2-3 times and put the line and rubber band into the snap. It's very easy to undo the snap and take them out when reeling in a fish. The only drawback to this method is that you don't get any slack in the line between the two clips, but at least you aren't spinning circles after $25 boards due to pads that you didn't know were bad until they didn't work anymore.

    Do you have any pictures of this???

  7. I wouldn't say hard , but if your still moving there is some resistance due to movement.

    As for the kicker doing thrust duty , I don't think you'll be happy with the Powerdrive alone , pushing a boat at 1.8 -2.2(down speed) = 2.3-3.1mph in current might seam doable but you will toast your battery pretty quick.

    We set our kicker just below our needed speed , and bring in the troller . We sometimes run for up to 6 hours , thats a long time on a battery pulling a boat. If you don't have a kicker I would stick the money there first as you would go through batterys like candy.

  8. I know here is Wisconsin the gas tax is per gallon of gas , So I guess they are saying to bring it on , sell more . Right now its at 2.09 and forecast to drop possibly another 20 cents. and then level out .

    My truck is hiccuping right now , gas has never been this cheap sense I bought it . Makes the 14mpg not seam so bad.

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