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  1. Hi Russell ,

    What time would you be arriving next Tuesday evening , we start the meeting at 7pm .

    Again just let me know if you need directions or anything.

    If I didn't give you it before here is my cell if you should need it.


    Jim Wolfe

  2. Any of the rods that I broke this year were due to my stupidity , closing the hatch with the rod sticking out or pulling the rod out and the line from another rod was wrapped around it. I have had good luck with them, and If I did have a problem they were replaced. Yes even the ones that I broke. While under warranty.

  3. Still guys setting up around the towers, I like to setup a little deeper to stay out of the croud, or head north. We did very well in a band in about 85fow from fox point down to the main gap.

  4. Hows that new boat treating you ,Looks great . How often are you running charters? If you need help sometime and need a pair of hands I would be will to help you out if I'm available. I'm not looking for a free ride ,I have my own boat just looking for some tips and how to fish the big lake, and to meet more people that fish the big lake on this side.


  5. Boy would I like to ,aside from weather and waves being the main factor, I have a little problem with my cervical spine right now, I think all the rolling around on the boat might be causing some problems. If things get better and there is a good forecast I just might be there.


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