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  1. Hey Mike I hope u found your issues with the old boat and your new boats works well for ya. We had a triple going when I heard you on the radio which turned into a quad and by the time I could get to the radio I couldn't raise ya. I only had 3 of us on the boat so from 11:30am too 1:00 pm we were busy . Lol divers were getting smacked non stop.

  2. Nice day on the lake. Took my dad and my friend Dave. Wound up 11for 20 all Kings, biggest was 19lbs and 1 at 18 lbs the rest were 11-15lbs. Mag diver on wire out 150' and power pro mag diver out 165' were the best with wire had a white with crush tape spin doctor and green fly the pp had a blue bubble spin doctor and a matching fly. 90-105 fow northwest and south east trolls were best with down speed at 2.8-3mph. Meat rigs on riggers lost 3 and 300' copper took a couple and lost a few 10 color with a Pro king magic man flasher and a UV fly took the 19 lb fish had a few drive bys early on 5 and 4 color with spoons and 200' copper with black fin tuna mag spoon never got touched. Heard mike on Mc squared calling for a tow in and couldn't get him to answer. Glad u got a tow mike we weren't that far from ya! Seemed like when we got one hit we got 2 or 3 more within a few seconds. Fun day.

  3. Years ago when fishing on our old boat with my dad and uncle, my uncle tried to reset a riggers for the first time and got a tangle with another line. Well before he made a bigger mess I proceeded to untangle the lines while he stood their with the pole in hand(as if I was going to let him try setting it again ) just about had lines untangle with one line in my teeth and both hands untwisting when I seen a flash and looked to see a king with its mouth wide open chasing after dads favorite spoon a blue /chrome Michigan wobbler yikes:eek:, spit the line out, looked at unc and said" Fish On" and the reel started screeming . Ahhh the memories.

  4. Set up straight out in 160fow at 6:15am, first fish on 300' 45lb copper with 4 oz dive bomb added to middle of copper with a blue glow silver horde, and one on blue smurf bti and meat rig out 250' mag diver, the rest of the fish were on riggers parked at 90' 110' and 125'. John J meat rig, green frog and matching meat rig, or SUV mamba flasher and rage red meat rig, between 200 and 220fow biggest fish 14.5lbs most 9-12lbs, all kings. 2.2-2.5 at the ball. Thermocline was down to 90-100'. Wound up 8 for 11. Meat rigs definitely ruled the day.

  5. Thanks for the replies ! After thoughly cleaning the risers and putting another boot on it did it again on the way in yesterday after the 4 th trip. I guess our next move will be to pull the manifolds and soak with CLR as some have suggested and maybe extend the inside exhaust pipe down about 1-2" and see if that does it.

  6. A friend of mine has a 77 Slickcraft with a merc I/0 351 Ford. The boots keep burning out that are attacked to the risers. The port side goes quicker than the starboard . We have redone the outdrive waterpump,housing,bushings and so on outdrive is getting water up to the engine . We were told to take the plates out of the risers that restrict the water flow witch seemed to make it burn the boot quicker. We have cleaned the risers thoroughly and have good water flow thru them. Main engine water pump and thermostat has been replaced . Has been an issue with the 351 Ford we have been told. But I know a lot of them are still out there running without this problem . The engine runs like a top. The flappers down at the t are there and functional. Cant believe there is a restriction in the exhaust to be able to run as strong as it does. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  7. Took my friend Doug and two kids Jordan and Daniel also ny son Kyle for an afternoon trip. Fished from 2pm to 6pm and went 16-19 with 2 brake offs. Shut down at 120 fow straight out and trolled west . Fish came between140-190 down 60-90. Only ran 2 divers and 3 riggers (when I tried to send out my coppers we would get a fish or two so I reeled copper back in to avoid tangles before I got it all the way out.) Flaher/flys and spoon greens and blues all took fish. Riggers parked at 90 took most. Mostly kings with I think there were 4-5 hos 14 of them were full of alwifes . Fun day with the kids. Tried to get pics on here but can't figure out how on my smart phone yet. Fish were from 5-14lbs.

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