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  1. If you hit the right day in July or early August when the bugs are hatching, you can definitely have success with fly gear. I've taken a number of groups out there specifically to Fly fish. It's not something that's going to work all the time, but if you hit it right it's a hell of a good time.

    Most fish on top of the reef are going to be "leans/redfins/mackinaw".  But all species can be found out there.   If you spent a lot of time fishing deeper than 200 you would find a lot more Siscowet and Humpers.

    Nothing more beautiful than the Redfins to me though!



  2. Another great day with the Emme family! Thanks again, Pete! Always a blast with you guys!


    Pete Emme

    Had an awesome day yesterday on Lake Superior with John Tomczyk and Daybreak Charter Fishing as we bagged 12 Lake Trout and they were so yummy!


  3. As the Son of a Vietnam War Veteran, and as an American who never forgets those who protect my freedom at any cost, I want to again say Thank You for your service and sacrifice. Also, God bless the thousands that never made it back home.

    During the month of September 2014, if you book a Marquette area fishing trip with us and have a Vietnam Veteran onboard, I'll take $75 off the cost of the trip. If you have 2 or more Hero's onboard, I'll take $100 off the cost.

    A small way to again say THANK YOU to this very special group of people.



  4. Here is our segment with Michigan Out-of-Doors TV fishing at Stannard Rock! It was a great day on the water with one heck of a crew! Special thanks to Jordan for putting together a great show and being a blast to fish with.

    Enjoy! :)



    Michigan Out of Doors T.V. #1430

    This week we start in the middle of Lake Superior at Stannard Rock - after that we hit St. Clair for some Musky and end up with some new gun regulations for ...


  5. For the record,Fowlpursuit... I wasn't giving a report. The site copy's the posts off my Facebook page and posts them here automatically. Sorry it wasn't more in depth, but it was posted from a phone, from the water, in-between netting fish.

    And my location is in my forum information at the top right of every post. If you want a fishing report for my area, feel free to call and ask me.

    But so you're not offended, we were in Lake Superior, 9 miles East of Marquette. Fished 35-50' of water, at 2.6-2.9 ball speed, in 47-50 degree water. Trolling 95 degrees was our best angle. Riggers with 20-35' leads, 25-35 down and Mag spoons with orange. Slide divers set on 3, let out 50-75', with 80' leads to small gold spoons. Leadcores of 2-5 colors with mag RV moonshines took a few fish as well. Sticklebacks in every belly, and lots of bugs as well. :thumb:

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