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  1. I believe that regardless what kind of boat that you operate you are financially responsible for any damages that your boat or your wake may cause. I am one of the boat operators who doesn't give a hoot. You pull in front of me if I hit you and your boat flips then mabey you should not have pulled in front of me. I love the guys who have planers all over the place too. If you cut me off and I snip a planer you won't do it again. Don't be cussing at me if you pull in front I am not moving so you better have your speed up. I missed a blow boat last year by a couple of feet after he cut in front of me while he was under power. When he got done cussing at me I calmly told him next time I will hit you.

  2. Got on the water at 5:00 am and did a little surf fishing with spawn for steelhead. The first hit produced a 14 pound coho at 5:30 am. At 6:05 am the water exploded and all that I knew was whatever it was it was big. At about 6:30 I was coaxing a monster king in on the shoreline. On the scale it just hit 30 pounds. It was a pretty fresh salmon, I think that in its prime it may have been about 34 pounds. It looks like I need to buy more canning jars.

  3. The list could go on and on the big name stores must think that the only fish in the lake or river are bass and bluegills. That is fine for the bass fisherman as there are bass lures up the wazoo in all of these stores. Try to find a decent selection of salmon or trout lures and if you are getting right down to it in the fall most of them are out of spawn wrap or the best steelhead lures. Anymore I take $100 bucks every month and go to a tackle shop that I know will be well supplied. The price might be a little bit higher, but I find what I need.

  4. Of all of the fish that I caught and did'nt catch this summer being able to watch Chris catch those two salmon was one of the more fun moments. It is because men and women like Chris make great sacrifices to serve our country that we even have the opportunity to hunt and fish like we do. He got to catch and keep two nice salmon and he was happy. There will be another day for me to catch a salmon, thanks to all of the people in our military. I went home empty handed but not without a memory and a smile

  5. In a combined effort I hooked a 20 pound hen (see first fish article) and a 8 pound male this am. Shortly after setting the hook on both fish I gave the pole to a young guy I had just met who had just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq. He got to do battle of another sort and landed both fish. It just happened to be the first and second salmon that he had caught. Welcome home Chris and we all thank you for serving our country. I gave him both fish to keep too.

  6. Yes, I got to hand off the pole this morning. About 5:30 am I had the opportunity to meet a young man who had just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq. We were casting cleos for salmon off from a breakwall. I missed a couple then I hooked one, after getting the hook set good I handed him the pole and the fight on. He got to play and land a nice hen king about 20 pounds. We got the fish out of the net and unhooked so I could go back to casting. Well I made two more casts and hooked another one. This one was a real jumper I thought it might be a steelhead. I gave him the pole again and he landed a chunky 8 pound king that really put up a fight. I gave him the salmon, his first and second salmon. I also shook his hand and thanked him for his service to our country. We all take our opportunities to freely hunt and fish for granted sometimes. If it was not for our men and women who serve in our military we may not have that opportunity. I know this guy enjoyed catching those salmon but not nearly as much as I did watching him catch them. Truely one that will go down my book of fishing memories.

  7. It is almost time to give up on salmon. I have been catching them since May and have had a banner year. I have to switch gears and go after the almighty steelhead which is equally as much fun to catch. My wife prefers the steelhead to eat, well I do too. So here we go 8 months of steelhead fishing then it is back to salmon fishing. The land of two seasons.

  8. I fished from 5:30 am until 7:00 am. I caught two fresh hens a spunky 12 pounder took the lure at 6:00 am. Then at 6:40 I hooked one that I thought would spool me. I finally got it turned after a mad run, and brought a big 25 pound hen to the net. Pretty nice morning 55 degrees out and saw a beautiful Mackinac Island sunrise, again. I would have to say us Yoopers are a bit spoiled by what nature has to offer up here. I have fished in a lot of places throughout Michigan and I love St Ignace the best.

  9. I am still smiling and nothing against beater vehicles some make great transportation or boat haulers. I just hated that job so much and your supervisors made foing to work there horrible but somtimes you suck it up to support the family. I sucked it up there for 14 long years, now it is nice to see your old boss and get a chuckle.

  10. Whenever I am fishing on a pier and hook a salmon or trout if there is a youngster nearby, I ask them to take the pole and fight the fish. I do the coaching and the youngster catches the fish and I let them keep it. It may be the first big fish that the youngster has ever caught. I may never know the kids name and they may never know mine but they will cherish the moment. Over the fall and winter try it out and post the results with pictures and keep the thread going. I hope to see some pictures soon.

  11. The UP is a great spot for salmon and trout which most people will fish for. If you have a small boat do not go too far out on the great lakes. I have been there when nice days turn in a matter of minutes. Brimley has great pike, walleye, bass, and perch fishing. If you go east or west you can find some good trout and salmon fishing. You may want to add your home location so people can help you better

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