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  1. I went boatless last year and will probably do so again this year. I have learned more fishing on other boats than what I have learned in the previous 5 years fishing on my boat. I take what I have learned and apply different methods on every boat that I fish on. When you add it all up and your success rate really jumps you do not have to look real hard for a boat to hitch on because the guys who have boats really want to see what you are doing. One of the things that we did was to run 6 lines at night 3 of the lures were green dolphins (not glo lures). We also ran 3 of the top producing glo spoons. We landed 3 nice salmon within a half hour all on the green dolphins. Another thing that we did was when we had stackers we ran painted spoons off from the stacker as they were higher up and ran them about 100 back. The reflective spoons we ran deeper and closer to the ball about 30 back. The painted spoons produced more and bigger fish. Running sliders with small spoons on your dipsies will produce more atlantic salmon and steelhead. The steelhead and atlantics will chase a dipsey and they will hit at the spoon. Several of the boats that I fish on vary or frequently change depths on the cannonballs. Sometimes like every two or three minutes the balls go up or down 8 to 12 feet.

  2. Climbed out of bed at 5:30 am. I got everything loaded in the Jeep by a little after 6:00 am and headed out. Spun in hand I ventured out onto the ice it was 9 degrees out. I got out about two steps and the spud went through, just like paper. I got back into the Jeep and drove home, made some breakfast and went back to bed. That my friends is a good fishing report. No fish or cooler to clean.

  3. Wild Turkey is way better than anything you get at Meijers. Problem is if you are like alot of hunters you will have about $250 invested in a wild turkey before you even put it in the oven. Don't get me wrong turkey hunting is every bit as much fun as deer hunting.

  4. With the year winding down I figured my totals for a great year. Chinook Salmon 132 biggest fish was 30 pounds. Coho Salmon 16 the biggest fish was 14 pounds. Pink Salmon 21 the biggest fish was 22 inches, mabey 3 pounds. Pinook Salmon 5 the largest was about 5 pounds. Steelhead 77 the largest was 13 pounds 4 ounces. Brown Trout 12 the largest was 20 inches all were released. Brook Trout 26 the largest was 18 inches and all were released. Atlantic Salmon 5 the largest 7 pounds 8 ounces. Lake trout 3 the largest was 7 pounds. I might get a few more steelhead before Jan 1 mabey two or three more trips.

  5. That's not true ;)

    Kevin, if I was only going to run two rods on riggers, one would get a Mongolian beef moonshine in the morning/evening. Then then for the rest It's pretty much a crap shoot for me. I've caught some fish on a glowback blue dolphin, a yellowfin, and a few others. Also, be sure to run sliders. I've been catching fish on my free sliders but my fixed sliders have been dead.

    Try running free or fixed sliders off from dipsies, use a smaller spoon and get ready for some steelhead or salmon action

  6. good stuff, I grew up on a pig farm, it was very cool to take the clipped tales from feeder pigs and tie them to our handle bars and ride around for days or until they had to many flies on them...
    It happened every year throughout my days in high school. I grew up in a farming community (West Branch). Every year one of the farm boys would bring a small pig to school and coat it with crisco. It was then turned loose in the hallway. The kids and teachers would chase after it....it was too funny. Those little buggers can run and squeal and nobody could catch it.
  7. Had ice in the dogs water this am. Looking at the long range temps. I will give it a couple of weeks yet. I think that by about the 20th there will be some good ice. Last year I was out on the 17th but the ice was really not too safe mabey 2 inches.

  8. I really don't believe anyone who got serious about fishing had bad numbers. We are seeing more and bigger fish in all species which is good. The east side is rebounding nicely too. Both North L Huron and N L Michigan gave up some good fish. I caught my first monster Coho in awhile at 14 pounds 2 oz and minutes after landing that one I caugnt a female chinook that went 30 pounds on the nose. Boltman you need to get that boat in the water or throw the skunk out of it.

  9. Went to a stream a few miles from the house today and threw a couple of surf rods out before daylight. As soon as daylight hit the rods started popping but they would drop the bait before I could set the hook. Finally I got one to rip on the bait good and got a nice 5 pound chromer. Wow was it cold this morning, lots of bags ready to go for the weekend I hope that I can get into some nice fish again.

  10. Nothing beats a good spread on the surf I went 14 for 20 on 10/23 with three poles lined up about 30 feet apart on the surf on Sunday. THe big ones need some of that November weather to head in a little more. It was fun catching the little guys 16 to 22" back to back. I have heard of doing that with a boat and I might try it next year. That close and shallow leaves little room for error though.

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