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  1. Tickets are $5 each Make a check or money order payable to the March of Dimes, no papal. Mail it to Farmers Insurance 6 E Spring Street St Ignace Michigan 49781. The drawing date is July 1 2012. You choose fall, winter, or spring fishing. The fall and winter steelhead fishing up here can be truely an experience. One winner takes all of the gear plus two guided trips. All ticket sales will stop once 250 tickets are sold to keep it at a minimum

  2. I have 160 tickets left. Once 250 are gone I won't sell anymore. Plus I donate $10 worth of tackle to the tackle box for every $100 worth of tickets sold. If you are a steelhead fishermen the rod reel and tackle alone are worth buying a couple of chances.

  3. Each spring I do a project to benefit the March of Dimes. This year I am going to raffle off an Okuma Connisseur 91/2 foot steelhead spinning rod with a matched Okuma ignite IT-40 reel and a tackle box full of steelhead fishing gear. Bonus I will donate $10 worth of gear to the tackle box for every $100 of tickets sold up to $120 additional gear. The gear alone will be a $300 vlue and I will throw in two guided fishing trips on an EUP or NLP blue ribbon steelhead river. Your donation is tax deductible. Only 250 tickets will be sold. Make your check payable to the March of Dimes and mail it to Farmers Insurance 6 E Spring Street St. Ignace, Michigan 49781. Please include a phone number. The drawing date will be July 1 2012

  4. I believe that 5 fish were turned in this year that hit 30 pounds (Chinook Salmon) all 5 were caught in rivers. Interesting. Due to the fact that I was running late for work I never had mine certified, photographed, or entered it in the master angler contest but it was also caught in a river. I also landed 2 at 24 pounds 1 at 25 pounds and 1 at 26 pounds. Those fish were all caught in September out in the big lake. I would bet that real soon N Lake Huron will cough up a state record king.

  5. I still see lots of floating ice on L Huron (mackinac island) just outside of my office. I was ice fishing on Sunday and caught a real nice steelhead on a tip up. If I can get a little steelhead fishing in first I will be looking to get out on the big lake. I need to get on the river for some chrome action soon.

  6. I went out for the last time on 03/11/12 and set up on 3 inches of ice for the last trip. At 8:30 am the first flag went off and it was ripping line off from the tip up. I set the hook and so began a 25 minute tug of war. I use 8 lb mono with no backing so I have to be ultra careful to get the fish in. Finally I got the head to the hole a couple of times and he peeled 40 feet each time. The third time he came by the hole my partner reached in and grabbed it. I never weighed it but I have caught enough of them to make a good guess at 13 pounds.

  7. Time to quit going local and start ordering off the internet.
    I happen to own a small business and I can tell you that the places on the internet do not support your kids school sports programs and many many other community programs. Buying local supports the local economy. Work with the business owner and you can get what you want when you want it.
  8. The United States should use Asian Carp (they are edible) as a food source. Commercially harvest them there seems to be alot available to be harvested. Process them and send them to prisons and jails across the country. If we feed them to inmates we reduce the cost of feeding them by millions of dollars per year. I am certain that they could eat wild hogs and some other invasive species as well. If we could feed inmates 6 meals a week that consist of invasive species look at all of the money that could be saved.

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