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  1. i am not sure if doug is talking about guide from bank,boat or both. but you are saying that to guide river anglers with out a boat you still need a cg license. i find this hard to believe and would say there are a whole bunch of unlicensed guides if thats the case

    Does not matter I checked it out a month ago and found out the same thing. You also have to be careful where you guide, federal forest land is more or less hands off unless you have a special permit. There are lots of illegal guides out there. If you accept money for boat gas you are an illegal guide. Lots of it does not make sense but for the guys that have a large investment in the guiding business they want to be protected to some extent.

  2. 1 bag of potato tots

    1 medium onion finely chopped

    1 dozen eggs

    1 pound of shredded cheddar cheese

    1 pound of ground sausage

    In a large mixing bowl break the dozen eggs and mix well. Fry up the sausage and chop it into small pieces then add it to the eggs. Mix in the sausage and about 3/4 of the cheese. Pour the contents into a greased cake pan and sprinkle evenly the remainder of the cheese on top. Preheat the oven to 350 and cook until the cheese on top is lightly browned. Cool for about 10 minutes then serve. This will provide a hearty breakfast for 8 to 10 people

  3. There should be some good steelhead fishing right now. Spawn, Yarn, Wobbleglos, Mepps #4 Spinners and rapalas have all worked for me. It has its good and bad days but if you work at it you can get them. Later in the spring the walleyes will be in there too. About the same time the walleyes are in there a few pike, muskie and some sturgeon show up. About late May it is a great spot for walleye, cats, smallies, and drum.

  4. After this winter it would be good to be walleye wacking on a boat. Thanks for the offer Frank I think that I will finally take you up on it. I have been out steelhead fishing on the ice this winter twice, It has been way too cold up here. Wind chills at -40 keep me inside. I have been tearing up the pike though in December and January nothing really big I think 9 lbs was the largest but all and all pretty tastey. I did catch one steelhead out of the two trips about 3 lbs a short fat one.

  5. 2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes drained

    I medium onion finely chopped

    1 banana pepper finely chopped

    1/2 Jalapeno pepper finely chopped

    1 8 oz can of tomato sauce

    2 teaspoons of lime juice

    If you want it hot use the whole Jalapeno.

    Mix well and refridgerate it goes well in chile too

  6. I keep saying that I am going to go fishing with you Farnk and never seem to make it. In April my daughter is going to have a baby (boy). If I make a day trip and start on the road about 4 am I can make it down there by 7. I thank you for the offer and man I want to fish those waters again. I will have to figure something out.

  7. Just 3 steelhead for the year all on tip ups. The fishing has been so horrible I think that I am going to call it quits until either last ice or the hard water is gone. I caught a 10 pounder in the first few minutes of the first trip out and that had me all fired up. Since then I have caught two 7 pounders and have really had to work to get them.

  8. I had to get off from the ice on Saturday in the UP as runoff was taking it out pretty fast. It is supposed to be cold enough to get back out on Saturday again. It will be fun fishing for steelies with all of the fresh runoff. My guess is that they will be on the move and that should provide alot of action.

  9. Try smoking the salmon in the summer then canning it in pint jars. It is not quite as good as fresh smoked salmon but pretty close and it is real nice that you don't have to mess with a smoker in the winter. The canned smoked salmon goes great in dips like this one.

  10. I just worry about the salmon crashing as they did in Lake Huron. The exact same thing happened there with excellent fishing with the loss of an alewife class. The following year a couple more alewife class disappeared. Basically the rest of the alewife were wiped out the following year after that. Reasons were to many predators and invasive species. When the bait fish were gone the salmon followed. Not saying it will happen, but the potentially is there.
    We have an excellent salmon fishery in St Ignace one thing that you will find very little of is the alewifes. I hate to prove the DNR wrong but the salmon up here are feeding on smelt, sticklebacks, whitefish, and shiners. Very seldom if ever do you find one with an alewife in its belly. I think that the salmon will rebound big time in Lake Huron due to the amount of shiners and shad available. Part of why they disappeared was due to the excess amount of weirs catching all of the spawning salmon. Then VHS hit them hard but they all were hatchery fish and very few that were naturally reproduced. The DNR set Lake Huron up for the disaster that happened. Nice to hear the good news on L Michigan though.
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