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  1. Where are you from and what waters will you be fishing in and I can help you out a little more. Due to my work schedule I have learned to catch more steelhead in the dark than I do during daylight. Funny thing is that I never see another fisherman when I am fishing.

  2. You will want to fish breakwalls and rivermouths in the fall. I am on the water a couple of hours before day break. I do this for a couple of reasons to get the best spot and the steelhead are active at this time. I use spawnbags and a #14 treble hook and just enough weight to get the spawn on the bottom no more. I have my rods anchored good with a really light drag setting. More often than not the hook is already set when the fish takes off. The same locations that you fish in the fall are usually good all winter long. Tip ups and spawn bags work very well with 8 or 10 pound ultra thin line and at least 100 yards of line per tip up. This method produces big fish and is very exciting.

  3. I finally have Chrome 1 ready to go and will be fishing in front of St Ignace over the weekend if you are interested let me know. I have room for up to 3 I was in Gaylord yesterday hot hot hot

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