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  1. We fished Lorain Ohio on Saturday. Waited for the rain to stop,fooled around all morning,got out fishing at 10 am. We were marking fish everywhere. We then set out a reefrunner program at 1.7 to 1.9 mph on the North side of the pack. We picked up a nice 8 pounder on the end of that roll,turned and picked another,turned back and lost one,that was it ! We tried to get the crankbaits goig again and could not get bit again , Finally we switched to crawlers. 1,3 mph first pass 10 pounder, 2nd pass another tank. We picked up a fish or 2 every short pass until we ran out of time.Britney Pox blade from Warrior Lures was the best thing going by far( 60 back 2 ounce) These are the 2 biggest of the day !


    Posted By Capt. Matt Sell of Hot Bite Charters


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