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  1. 8" Flashers up hi and the Big 11" Monsters down deep. This is effective most of the time although things can change fast. See what they like and adapt.


    Agree with Phil,11 inchers when down deep(below 90 ft),8 inchers above that.

  2. Do you have any issues getting the fish close enough to the back of the boat to net with a 10' leader?

    No Mike,we use a net with a 12 ft handle,and who ever is on the rod,walks to the bow,when the fish is played out.

    Some guys on Lake.O have been known to use 15 ft leads off their divers during tourneys to fill a box during a tough bite(same netting approach we use)..

  3. How small will you scale down to get picky panzies to go??

    I'll drop down to a 1/128th ounce Marmooska(#18 hook) with a single spike/maggot.

    Another trick is a small bb shot with a #16 hook(daiichi #1150) with a single spike/maggot on 2 lb mono.

    It sinks ever so slowly,but have you noticed on the Vex,when you toss your chewed up spikes down the hole,they never make it to bottom??

  4. I like to run a leader that is no longer than the rod. Sometimes only 3-4 footer's.

    And yes, I run a lot of stick baits behind my dipsey divers. I can show you a way to run your leads out as far as you want to for, on your divers, and still be able to reel all the way in. hehe.

    I know what you mean, I want to be out there,and the engine is out of mine for maint. over the winter.

    Had a couple trips this past summer where a shorter 5 ft leader from diver out performed our standard 10 ft leader length.

  5. Had a FishTrap Guide 2 man flip up model the last several years,worth every cent.

    They cost more than other models,but the ice armour material makes up for it in comfort(repells the cold,keeps heat in).

    Plus only takes 30 seconds to set up(with snowmobile mitts on).

    Flip up huts are a must for the run/gun ice angler.

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