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  1. Hey Frank... We need to get together and meet in Tawas maybe for lunch soon. I'll bring down some of my famous sweet corn.

    No fish in the freezer. Need to get out after even some gills! Might try the docks at Tawas. I heard there were some perch being caught.

  2. NICELY DONE Scott!

    I'd like to get out too. My huge sweet corn fields are coming in faster than I can sell it and the coons can eat it!:lol:

    Fresh perch with corn on the cob off the grill.

    I've got to get some down to you Frank or Scott if you're in our neighborhood.:thumb:

  3. I stayed on my side of the boat and it got crazy enough (at times) that I was netting my own fish. The other side was too busy with their fish!:good:

    I had a very nice trip Frank. Thank you. Nice to meet you Joe. Hope to fish with ya again soon. Bob had to head to home. Nice to meet you also Bob.

    Awesome day on da bay! Dinner was awesome too.:thumb:

    I had one walleye that wasn't much over 7 inches. Good to see.

    Thanks again Frank.

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