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  1. There are way less salmon this year everywhere than in 2010. That's when the post was you are asking about.
  2. Sorry guys found what I was looking for. Moderators please delete. I had an older slide driver given to me. I think I have the line going through it right. Line from rod goes through spring, through hole below arm, under arm and through front hole. Using 30# mono. Now I lock arm in position and lower part of arm comes down on line. I looked at line where lower arm pinches line and now the line has a crimped flat spot in it. Won't this make line weak at the flat spot?
  3. Your welcome. It's bad. All the lakers you want though.
  4. I hear no silver at the St Ignace fish cleaning station. DNR report says no salmon at Petoskey. But there are a few at Charlevoix, very few.
  5. I was there on Sunday and only got one king and a laker. Lost one other king. Didn't mark many on graph though. Water was really warm. Temp break was between 70 and 80 down depending on where we were. One spot it was around 100.
  6. Not everyone remembers the elements from school.
  7. But I've seen quite a few people using just cu.
  8. Is everyone calling copper cu for short now?
  9. Would like your thoughts on where a school of steelhead might go. They were 4+ miles out over 200+ fow. This is on Lake Huron. Now a strong west wind has been blowing for a few days blowing the warm water out and bringing in the cold water near shore. Would the steelhead be in the same area as last week or would they be in closer or farther offshore?
  10. Ok so I don't really need to downsize my leaders that I use for kings to catch steelhead.
  11. We were targeting everything. But if we knew there were no kings around we would have targeted just steelhead. What length of leaders and pound test on the dipsys with spoons? We were going 2.2-2.4 at ball and over 3 gps speed ball was 60' down. The one steelhead we got was 39 down on rigger 100' back.
  12. Fished one 3 color and a full core 2 mono dipsys one with a spoon one with flasher and fly. Full core never git bit,3 color twice and 2 riggers at 39 and 50' got hits. 2 riggers down deep for kings no hits. Lost 4 2 were steelhead or Atlantic Salmon (shook the hook) not sure why we kept losing fish. Would like to try for the steelhead again but would like to catch more crome so,what would your best setup consist of? Steelhead were from surface down to 50'.
  13. Well Lake Huron isn't dead. Got 2 lakers and a steelhead and lost 4 more steelhead. Find the cold water that's not down so deep and fish just above it. Surface water was 69 degrees and some places it was still mid to high 60's down at 80-100 ft in 100-130fow. So go deep.
  14. You guys saying the water is to cold need to come up north and fish. I fished out of Charlevoix yesterday and it was 54-59 degrees at 80' down and 66-68 degrees on the surface. Marked no bait and only caught 3 greasers and their stomachs were empty. Even went for a 17 mile run to a spot that has always produced lots of kings and there were none there so we ran back to another king spot and got the greasers.. Lake Michigan is starting to be just like Lake Huron was 10 years ago.
  15. Oh and by the way It's nice to be on a website where every comment doesn't break out into an argument. THANKS GUYS.
  16. Not to sure if that's a herring or not. It kind of looks like an emerald shiner but with it's mouth closed can't be for sure. But at least it's food for the salmon.
  17. Herring have already been stocked. People have been catching a lot of them in both grand traverse bays and in the pine river channel and lake charlevoix for a few years now, but the ones they catch are over 18". But I don't know if there is any natural reproduction. Steeliebob, I don't think the alewives will ever get out of control like years ago. Look at Lake Huron. Salmon numbers are still way down and the alewives still haven't rebounded to bring back the salmon numbers.
  18. Just wondering how the sunrise side is doing for salmon and steelhead? It would be nice to see some reports from Oscoda to the bridge.
  19. I wonder how stripers taste. They might not fight as hard as a king but hey they would be better than Atlantics.
  20. I didn't have any expectations fir this year because of 2012. I didn't get to fish out of any of the hot ports so my catch rates were normal. But last year wasn't very good. Might have to sell the Islander to someone that would use it on Saginaw Bay for walleye. Because I could care less about catching lakers. And when I went out last week all we could catch was lakers. From a 3 color leadcore all the way down to 90 all over 120' of water. Every rod had a hit in a 3 hr period.
  21. Wish I could find some alewives to net so I didn't have to buy herring. Some days tbe herring is all they want and others it won't even get hit. And I bet alewives are more consistent since they are more of a natural prey species.
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