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  1. jon you cant go wrong going bigger than you need. my chevy has the big 6.3l gas engine before the upgrades for more towing and pushing power i was getting 17-19 highway. for plates go get special farm plates 20 bucks a year but the down side to that is they dont quailfy for the passport parking.

  2. hey aaron have a good season in the woods man it was good to meet ya this summer hoping i'll have the boat for lake michigan set up and ready to fish next spring. and if all goes as plan will also have the boat up north for lake superior also and maybe get up there for a weekend of fishing

  3. this past weekend had the chance to fish out at Stannard Rock with John and to say it was great is an understatement.

    John is one hell of a captian.

    the weekend started off rough trying to get out of kalamazoo but made it up there. then there was a possability of mother nature pms'ing but she gave up cause john is relentless he was at the boat at 3 am watching the weather and debating at 415 he call me and said lets give it a go at 17 miles out he asked if everyone on board was comfertable with the waves/ride and still pointed it north 42 miles out we hit the rock and with-in 5 mins of fishing had 3 nice lakers in the boat. had a few soild 20#'s one soild 25 boated around 50 to 55 fish.

    if any one has the chance to go to rock call [email protected] chaters you will not regret it myself i am gonna make it a yearly trip

  4. Unless you eat an awful lot of the fish, you may find it doesn't elevate your blood sugar as much as you think. While I agree with your doctor that cutting out all sugar is best, it's virtually impossible to do in todays society of processed foods. If you're testing your blood sugar once daily as recommended, I would suggest doing a test to see how much the smoked fish actually elevates your levels. Test your blood sugar prior to eating the fish, then test again 2 to 3 hours later to see how much the amount you ate elevated your levels.

    The hidden problem with dietary sugars are carbohydrates. Breads, noodles, etc, are converted into sugars in your body and play havoc with blood sugar levels. If the smoked fish does raise your blood sugar level to an unacceptable level and you really want to keep it in your diet, you can cut back on other things in your diet as a trade off. More fish, less bread, or something to that effect.

    i am at the check before and after every meal stage at this time so i am checking up to 8 times a day. and thanks to a quack of a doctor i am just out of the hospital from a insulin induced heart attack. i have been been doing the diabetes classes that spectrum health offers and have changed my diet drasticlly. the biggest concern that i had was the amount of sugar and didnt think about the fact that not all of it would soak into the fish. i also have had some smoked salmon that wasnt crispy and it was good and i assume that the darkening comes from the sugars

  5. i found out that i am type 2 diabetic back in feb and i am insulin dependant... so with that i am trying to figure out a new brine that doesnt require sugar as an ingredinat.

    i have been going 2 bottles of tyreoki sause 1 small box brown sugar 1/4 bottle liquid smoke 2 cups tender quick and 1 gallon water...

    but i think i would be wise to maybe listen to the docs and cut out all sugar but i love smoked fish

    any ideas/suggestions


  6. The Big Jon tube sits down into the base. I don't have the measurements here but I can guarantee you it isn't 8", more like 3". I will measure them tonight as a reference.

    i got the big jon's 3 rod bird trees very poor construction. the mast fit very very very sloppy in the base. for the price of them i would think they would be a more rigid fit and the mast only goes barley 3 inches into the base.

  7. Had a rare day off from church, actually my first in over three years. Went to the blue water chapel at St. Joe except the water wasn't blue and it was cold.

    Sister boat ended up 6/6 with 5 coho and a small king. All we could manage was one 11" coho had we not been looking at the board when it hit - probably would have missed it as it was barely hooked.

    Skipped past the launch and trolled a flat I know, ended up making one short pass and got an 8# hen steelie, a 9# hen laker, and lost a smaller steelie. So after four hours on the lake in the cold we get in the shelter of the river and hook up three fish in 20 minutes. Weird.

    Fun day to be on the lake. Not every winter you can get out "twice" in February - I've had Augusts where I haven't been able to get out twice.

    you had the lund that also used the wall to load up correct? i was there we missed our only hit.

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