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  1. hey joe your a sled guy too do you know anyone who needs a brand new 780 bottom end?

  2. well that sucks that we got cancelled for tomorrow now. now i got to figure out some other fishing to do tonight or tomorrow.

  3. still waiting to hear something too i see

  4. hey terry i am gonna try a night fish out of saugatuck tomorrow just wondering if there is much differnet on what baits to use?

  5. terry

    i am trying to figure out how to get in the tourney on the 8th but dont know how to get my entry to who by the 25th or where the launch is in muskegon any answers by nay chance?

  6. cool thanks the boat i was on is a friends boat pandlourios my "boat" is still in the process of being stripped down so i can start all over with it.

  7. hey terry i think it was you talking about a few baits but i might be wrong. it was a black diamond and a andaconda. what are they spoons or flies? and by the way i was the one who hollered at you at 715 yesterday morning and also later when you was fixin to pull lines and told you we went 4 for 8

  8. cool to see another fisherman from kalamazoo. if you dont mind this winter i am redoing a 19 foot starcarft and i'll have questions on setting it up and rigging it. you seem to do well so i was wondering if i could ask you questions when i get to working on it

  9. hey keith didnt do so good 2 small perch down by the dunes then spent alot of time trying to find them north and then back to the south and in 25 fow to 70 fow

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