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  1. I realize this is an old post but I just recently took the OUPV 6 pack class and first aid/CPR training through Explorers guide LLC. I have had the physical and drug test and working on obtaining TWIC card is next! I will be guiding inland waterways in Michigan! My next question is i don't see anywhere in the CG APPLICATION about where to get on going drug testing for myself and a mate! I asked out local CG commander and some other captains from the area and got mixed answers. The commander said not required for OUPV 6 pack only for the application?? The other captains told me they are not in an ongoing testing programs either?? I thought this was a requirement?? None of the captains belonged to MCBA either! At this point i guess I'll send in everything i got once the TWIC comes in and figure it out from there! Any help would be appreciated! Seems like there is a misunderstanding between state and federal requirements. How can a captain have guided for the last 20 years and tell me he never had a drug test except for the application?? Well i found a section in my coursework book under required documents that says proof of random drug testing. Any crew member or individual of the company who is required to be part of a random drug testing program, must be able to provide the evidence of such participation upon demand of an inspecting officer! Who is required and who is the inspecting officer?? Clear as mud to me at this point! :)

  2. Got out finally for the first salmon trip of the year. We got out way late starting at 11:00am and fishing until 7:30pm so we figured the mid day bite would be tough. We ended up 8 for 15 with 5 kings and 3 lake trout. Right off the bat were we at a disadvantage since my probe battery was shot and my spares were in a box not on the boat so we winged it with GPS speed. 5 colors of lead took the first fish (5 lb King) with a DW super slim in gold and orange, next up was a 10 color with a DW super slim in NBK color which boated a 10 lb laker. Our mag divers set at 2.5 set back 140 and 180 yielded some huge king rips pulling a white echip with green dots and a white spin doctor with pink dots both dragging green raptor Hypnotist flies. Our riggers were also consistent trolling Silver Streak Brew Ha's at 75 and 100' down. For some reason we had trouble keeping them hooked up and we missed lots of fish.Our 450 and 500' of copper were the only rods that never took a hit. The water temp was 46 to 50 degrees on surface. I did hear another boat land a 19lb and 24 lb King as we were leaving so the evening bite sounded good and wished I could have stayed.

  3. Got out Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. Trolled from the north pier all the way to West Platte Bay. Went 5 for 6. All browns 3-4 lbs except 1 throw back lake trout that went around 7 lbs. Bomber B14's, and yo-zuri crystal minnows and challenger jr's took the bites behind church tx-12 boards. 5 trips out so far this spring and my totals are 29 brown trout, 3 steelhead, and 1 lake trout. Alot better start than last year!!

  4. Got out late Sat. afternoon and had a fantastic day on the water. Went 13 for 15 all brown trout with the biggest being 5 lbs. Fish came in the shallows on Bombers B14's and B15's, Challenger JR. minnows, and F11 Rapalas..Water temp was 39 to 42 degrees and when you found the 42 degrees you found the fish. Worst part was we had one that looked to be about 15 lbs spit the Yozuri at the net... My best start to the brown season in the last 10 years....

  5. we will be out there till the ice starts floatin around, this is my favorite time of the year on the big pond.we fished into dec. last year. hardest thing about fishing this time of year is getting someone to fish with,every body is deer hunting.

    I hear ya! Most of my fishing buds are worn out on salmon but the steelies make it so much fun and the best part....No boat traffic..

  6. Went fishing with Capt. Wes aboard the Nibbles Saturday morning. We ended up 13 for 22 from 7am to 11:00 am. 7 steelhead, 3 Kings, 1 Brown, and 2 throw back Lake Trout. We fished mostly 40 to 60 fow from the "Saddle" to north of Pt. Betise lighthouse until the winds kicked up. Dreamweaver super slims did most of the damage on 2,3,4,5 and 10 colors but riggers and slide divers were also productive. If it was orange it got hit. 59 degree surface temps with 49 degree at 40 down. Another great fall fishing day...

  7. I have had my aqua vu hooked up to my downriggers a bunch of times. I used releases with shower curtain hooks every 10' to hold the cable to the rigger line. I've had it as far as 75' down and was surprised to see how much better a silver spoon looked versus a glow spoon at that depth. Blowback was still pretty significant with the clips and I used a huge prototype ridgeback rattler as my downrigger ball. If this setup was built in to the dash I would like it but I spent too much time watching the screen instead of the rods....Not to mention laughing at watching salmon trying to hit the spoon. It's fun but I would want one that had a wireless transmitter for video.

  8. Lots of fish to be had! Meat rigs are flying out of the tacklebox every time I'm there. Fish have been running on the deep side.(85 to 150 down) Lures that are consistently working are Silver Streak Angry gnome, Moonshine carbon 14, silver carbon, and raspberry carbon, Sarge, Daisy Cutter. Silver horde spatter back plugs in purple, green, and blue have also been good. Fish are being caught anywhere from Herring Hole and north to the islands. Copper has been a staple in 200 to 550 lengths. We also had luck with 4 oz stinger dive bombs on 10 colors. Mag divers set on 2.5 out 275 with echips and spindoctors with Raptor hypnotist and ventriloquist flies have also been good...

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