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  1. I've grown tired of carrying extra incandescent bulbs and having the filaments constantly go bad, so am considering a switch over to some LED trailer lights. Also, the incandescent bulbs are very hard to see during the day, and was hoping the LED would be more visible.

    What I'm wondering is...does anyone have the LED Trailer Lights and what do you think of them? I imagine they would last longer without having to worry about filaments going bad, and that they would also be brighter.

    Thanks for any input guys...

  2. Alright guys, Mr. Mull's recent article got me thinking about what to look for when locating Steelhead. So, let's talk deciding factors or indicators you look for to dictate where you will anchor up on a river for Steelhead. I am familiar with all the set ups and such for Steelhead, just not so sure where I am supposed to look for them.

    I've fished the Joe below Berrien a few times last fall and had some limited success.

    In the past, it seems I've anchored in some of the deeper runs close to wood and pretty close to shore.

    What does a prime piece of realty look like? What do you look for in a spot before you drop the anchor?

    Thanks guys!

  3. I use Cabela's brand 20lb Flurocarbon Line for the leaders on my leadcore and copper rods, which is generally a 25-30 foot leader.

    For retying flies, and for connections from my dipsy to my spoon or flasher fly, I use the more expensive fluorocarbon leader material in a heaver lb test (30-40lb)

    I can't say what type of difference it makes, as this is always how I've done it now for 4 years. I will tell you there is no way in he** I would use the expensive leader material on the end of a leadcore line with how much it costs.

  4. Do you guys get a lot of false releases with setting the lure tension on the release really light?

    The reason I ask is I have been using the blacks, and like mine a little on the tight side. I always thought that the release is what sets the hook on the fish, and if there's little tension when the fish hits you might not get a solid hook set. Of course, the downside to my logic is you drag some shakers from time to time without knowledge.

  5. I like the idea of those spinners from rvrfshr, as far as adding the small ball bearing swivel at the eye of the spinner to reduce/eliminate line twist.

    Previously had been adding a 2-3 foot fluro leader connected with ball bearing swivel, because I do not like adding the snap swivels to the spinner.

  6. That kit looks like a nice starting point, but I would want to order some different items to be able to get creative. That has to be part of the fun in making them!

    I'm pricing out what it would be to order everything separately from Jann's, and depending on what that comes out to I will determine if I will go with the kit or not.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  7. I know inline spinners in general are effective. It's my go to lure fishing for any species in most rivers. I've caught everything bluegill to salmon and everything in between on them.

    What I'm afraid of, is investing and finding that the ones I make aren't effective.

    I think I'm going to attempt to mock the Mepps Aglia and the Blue Fox Vibrax, as those are the two I've seen to have the most luck with, but then again the most often fished.

    I'm checking out Janns Netcraft now. It's a nice site. And I already have the tool for bending the wire, as I bought it to punch pencil lead for drift fishing.

    do you guys have any pictures of the inline spinners that were effective for you guys?

    I know a lot of people are into those Oslos, but I haven't caught a single fish on them, and fished them quite a bit.

  8. Hey guys.

    Does anyone here have any experience with making their own inline spinners? I've caught quite a few steelhead and coho in the rivers with the mepps aglia, but I've also caught quite a few spinner stealing snags trying to get the lure down to the fish. Therefore, making inline spinner fishing fairly expensive each season.

    So, I'm debating taking on the task at hand of designing my own, but first I was hoping to get some input from anyone that has experience themselves.

    First off, sure there easy to make, but did you find your homemade spinners effective?

    Secondly, is it worth the time to save a few bucks?

    Any other words of wisdom of whether or not it's a worthy task to tackle?

  9. I hope you do get out to slay some fish in that bad boy yet this year. It sure is slick, and encourages me to save some more dough in hopes one day I can upgrade to such a beast.

    Thanks for the insight on your installs. I was just curious as to how/why you chose that way. Seems it would be easier to grab the forward most rod if it was higher than the rear rod, referring to the ones on the hard top and track again. All personal choice of course, and each rigs their own boat according to their own needs.

    I enjoy the photos of all your great products. Keep em coming.

  10. I've got a 16 foot Smockercraft walleye boat. This is my third year fishing the great lakes, michigan and erie. I learned very quickly in my first year how important it is to respect the great lakes. My buddy and I actually signed up for a fun fish tournament on this site out of Muskegon a couple years back. We went up to prefish the tournament on a Friday and went out in a forecast of 1-3 footers. We were greeted with 1-2 footers.

    Suddenly, in the matter of minutes, in 80 feet of water, the wind shifted from the west to the North and we were met with seas that built to 6', and this is according to others on the radio and not my own interpretation. We just rode the waves back in and finally made it home safe, and entered port to the sight of 26 foot boats (10 feet larger than mine) sitting idle waiting in Muskegon Lake waiting for things to calm down so they could go out.

    Now, I will NOT go out on the big lake unless the forecast is for waves around 1 foot, or waves 1 foot or less. Yes, it is often wrong, but I do not take any risks any more. I also now check multiple weather sources to predict the waves, rather than the NOAA source or one single source. I'd rather catch a limit of gills, chase eyes, or trout on an inland lake than put myself in that position again. Besides, even if it is 3 footers, probably still safe I would say, it is NOT fun to fish in.

  11. That boat is sweet. Maybe another 20 years and I could get myself one!

    One question...I'm curious as to how and why you mounted the rod holders on the hard top that direction. It seems to me it should be mounted the complete opposite way, but I'm no know it all!

    My knowledge tells me you want your furthest rods forward, the farthest out in the water. So, on your setup, your farthest out lead/copper planer is going to be set the lowest in that three rod setup.

    It seems to me you're going to have to reach under the first two rods to grab the front rod, then find a way to move it above the previous two if you have those out as well when hooked up with a fish?

    So, why did you mount those in that direction?

  12. Thanks for all the input guys. I imagined most would start off casting if the conditions allow because it's less gas those huge boats would use, therefore increasing their profit for the day. That is why I requested we troll.

    I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to casting/drifting, but I think it would be more enjoyable for the others on board to troll since a few of them have very limited fishing experience.

    Blue Collar - I hope we don't have the same experience as you did with SeaBreeze, but I imagine with a fleet of 20 boats there is bound to be a rotten egg or two in the fleet.

    I appreciate everyone's input, and I'll be sure to let you all know how my experience goes with them.

  13. Thank you.

    I called and spoke to them, and they said they're set up to troll, and have recently been producing limits/near limits. He said what type of fishing and what species we target is entirely up to us, but he also said the conditions the day of could determine what we do or what he suggests. understandable.

    I guess we'll give it a try. I think all of the guys going on the boat besides me will just be happy to be on the water and reel in a few fish.

  14. Guys, more opinions needed. My good friend's brother assumed the duties of finding a charter, and he has very little fishing experience. He called me last night informing me he wanted to go with Seabreeze charters. I see Seabreeze is out of Oak Harbor.

    I think this could be a bad choice because we are scheduled for Sept. 15th, and at this time of the year shouldn't we be further East for the walleye bite!?

    I suppose I need to get on the phone with Seabreeze.

    What do you all think?

  15. I've had the insulated guidewear from Cabela's for almost 4 years now. It's awesome. I hope to eventually purchase the uninsulated for the same situations as you desire. If it's close to the quality I bought four years ago, it should be a solid choice.

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