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  1. Dave, just confirming that we are on for Dec 6 at the Yacht Basin Bar Room on 1862 Ottawa Beach rd, Holland, 49424. Drinks at 6, dinner at 7 and then its all yours. Yacht Basin is on the south side of Lake Mac. It is the first driveway west of the DNR boat launch. Drive all the way to the back and its up the long staircase to the 2nd floor.

  2. I'm all for the sharing Jesus part. The reason I don't post everything like I used is because we have gotten bigger into tournament fishing. To do well in tournaments the No 1 thing everybody will tell you is you need a good network. We have been working hard on this and have some very good teams that are sharing info with us and some of them take it very serious and are Pro boats and they don't want to see that info showing up on line for their competitors to see. So just don't tell others that any thing good came from me. Last year DW came out with a new proto type spoon, I got one from a freind in my network. My son mentioned it in a post and the next day I got called out on it, because if his source saw that they would cut me off for sure. I will help any one I can but I have to be careful with info that gets shared with me. I'm sure you can understand. Anyway, lets go fishing together sometime. you sound like someone I like to meet. Kevin 616-885-7485

  3. Salmon Slayer I have your ticket. Do you fish over here at all??

  4. Salmon slayer, should have your free entry ticket this week for the contest. Will you be at S.H. tournament at all?

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