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  1. I just found that the line twisted badly if I didn't put another snap swivel on it. I ran one a couple weeks ago clean with no flasher and caught a nice king, also. But for whatever reason they were working well with spinnies Sunday.

    Yes r-6 foot behind the spun doctor.

    Also they worked best after the sun came up! Glow stuff before Sun was awesome!

  2. We caught fish on leader lengths from 4 foot to 6 foot. The biggest king came on the shortest leader and the smallest king came on the longest leader. I would suggest using a bead chain snap swivel to attach to your spin doctor. Otherwise the line twists badly! Also the single hook presentation caught the biggest king. It was a long fight (20 minutes or so) and never once did it look like he would shake it!

  3. Used them yesterday behind spin doctors and every one took a fish! I actually put herring in them just like a meat rig. We started with tuna (in oil) in them and had nothing until I switched over to the herring then both dipsies went off at the same time less then 5 minutes after I switched to herring. One with our biggest king to date!

  4. The steelies (and kings), if not hooked up solid on a treble can use the other hooks on the treble itself as a lever to release the one that is lodged in their mouths. I agree that 3 hooks will most of the time catch more fish than one, but when it comes to feisty steelhead and big kings I would rather not give them a fulcrum to work their way off. Just my opinion.

  5. 2 weeks ago I was on the Kalamazoo river and I drug up some bottom, in the form of a rock. The crevices of that rock were filled with small larvae that resembled a small wax worm in shape and size. Only thew larvae were darker colored. I'm sure that a more experienced river fisherman could tell you exactly what larvae they were. We did not have a hookup that day, but the weather sure was nice!

  6. Bite has been tough here, Dave. But the fish are just a bonus to a week off of work! We have picked up some decent fish when we mark them by lifting the sinker off the bottom and almost jigging it. The weather has been nice enough so we can keep our lines right under the boat without a whole lot of work. The Minnesota inland fishery is incredible. Been coming here for 15 years and it does not disappoint! It has always been a great end to the trolling season in Michigan.

  7. Convector 30's with line counters will work awesome for you. I am still a fan of the old green Swan roller rods. 9 foot for the outside (high diver) and 8'6" or 8 foot for the inside (low diver). Any wire will work, but the thinner diameter the easier for everything.

  8. It doesn't seem to be a problem catching fish as we do okay on riggers and boards and we did get bites on the dipsies. But man is it a blast to fight a big king on wire! Another question for you all: do you immediately loosen the drag on your dipsy rods when you see a fish on them, even before you take the rod out of the holder? I have done this a few times and I am not sure if it is my luck or just dumb luck (probably one in the same!), but we have lost a few fish doing it this way. Am I loosening the drag too much or not enough or what?

  9. I was watching some videos of pros fishing in a tournament today and almost all of the boats in the tournament had leaders between their dipsy and flasher long enough so that they had to hand line the fish in after the dipsy was reeled up to the tip. I understand the advantage of making your leader as long as your rod, but my question is do you all think there is an advantage to longer leaders? And has anyone seen a difference in size, catches and hookup rates directly related to the length of the leader? It seems that last year we struggled with our wire dipsy bite and I am wondering if leader length had something to do with it. We were running them about 8-10 foot.

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