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  1. A few of our guys got all new cold waters in spring and they were ALL junk by the end of may............from coho fishing. I'm sure they figured it out, but I won't be going anywhere near them until I'm sure that they aren't the first run.

  2. I read some reviews on the Taco lights. They were not very good.

    We had a boat with them on it................they were beyond dim and useless and way overpriced. I have a pair of halogen Jabsco's because they were already on there and they are fine, but as soon as one burns out I'm changing them out for a pair of coastals that I have.

  3. Mine are on 700's with 65 lb backing and it's usually one of my outside boards (10 color). Not even close to running out of backing even with a big screamer on it. Gear ratios are both 4.2:1 so there's no gain there, the 800 is just a wider spool, not bigger diameter so there's no gain on an 800 from a reel torque or speed perspective. That being said- we run coppers on either Convector 55's and Tekota 800's

  4. I've always gone by the "rule of 100". If if have your rigger ball 50' down, put the lure 50' back. 30' down; lure 70' back. (50 + 50 = 100; 30 + 70= 100).

    I think you get the idea...

    Good to get a guy started but we still fish riggers down past 100, and if I'm fishing that deep, I don't have anything else near it so I say stretch it out and add stealth to it- plus I don't want anything that isn't at least 50' down more than 50' back ie nothing 30' down with 70' stretch..........way too much potential for tangles with 10 oz or long wire divers.

  5. You will get the same depth out of braid as you do wire so unless you like wire why change. I got rid of my wire years ago and see no advantage in using wire and my catch rate hasn't changed on my divers.

    Yeah, I could take or leave the wire but still would run two per side both with braid

  6. Have had at least 25 fish over 20 lbs this year so far................had 4 bites one day on the same 10 oz bait and some were dinks............and then one went 29 lbs. I'd rather have 10 fish that are 10 lbs than 5 20's unless its tourney day.

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