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  1. Its awful close to the bow opener guys. Hope you all are ready :)

    I'm pretty close myself. I'm heading out to pick up some arrows and all my licenses here in a minute. Other than that I'm pretty much ready.

    I got a new place to hunt this season. I lost my place I used to hunt and I thought this season was going to be a bust. Then just a few weeks ago I recieved a really cool opportunity to hunt private land in jackson cty. We've been busy setting stands and preparing our spots ever since. Its a sweet spot. It's strictly managed under QDM rules. I can shoot all the doe's I have tags for, but I can't shoot any small bucks. In fact if I shoot one thats too small I have to pay a fine.

    Don't know if I will be able to get a big one or not but they are there. Its pretty exciting just knowing a big one might come walking by at any time.

    Hope everyone is as excited about the season as I am.

    Hope you all have a great season!!!!

  2. I admit I was one of the nay sayers back in may and june. I was all but ready to give up on em.

    When they picked up Betemit and Young I was starting to feel like they might have a chance. Fister? I wasn't sure if that meant anything. But then they started to come around. And man oh man did they come around :thumb:

    Hopefully they can keep it up during the playoffs. It's not going to be easy, but I think we have as good or better of a chance than any other team right now.

    GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and if you missed the game last night heres a link to some of the highlights.


  3. The thing that really gets to me about these new hybrids is the price. Not only is the car expensive to begin with, but you will have to buy a very expensive new battery for it every few years.

    If Obama gets his way all cars will cost this much in the near future. All in the name of climate change and saving our environment.

  4. I put in my app for a fall turkey permit yesterday. Its a long season. Goes from sept 15th till nov 14th.

    I figure since I'm stuck hunting public land this year it'll give me an extra reason to be out there. I don't expect to see many, if any, deer, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a turkey.

    Any of you guys ever fall hunt for turkeys?

    What kind of calling do you do? Clucks, yelps, and purrs?

    Doesn't seem like the birds are very vocal in the fall.

  5. Sitting around for long periods is hard on fuel systems. I fix more fuel problems for this reason than any other. Normally you can tell when the pump is bad though. If the motor picks up and runs good as soon as you pump the ball you can bet theres a pump problem. Normally just choking the carb wont do it. Thats why I suspected the carb itself.

    In any case hope you get it taken care of and can get out there and catch some fish!

  6. Sounds like theres still a problem with the carb.

    When a motor sets around any length of time the old nasty fuel does a job on the carb. You can play heck getting the gunk out of those tiny little passages. Even after several attempts to rebuild it. These are very tiny carbs with very tiny passages.

    I've had some carbs I've had apart and soaked them three times and still couldn't get them to run trouble free. Most times I can get them to run for now, but they have problems when the temps change etc...

    If I had to guess I'd say try putting a new carb on it and junk the original.

    When you figure labor into it, often its just as cheap to renew the carb as it is to try and rebuild it anyway.

  7. I was able to go fishing yesterday. Finally!

    Didn't catch anything except alewives for bait, but it felt very good to be out actually fishing.

    Saw a couple skamanias caught but all in all pretty slow.

    Probably a good thing I didn't catch any cause I had hard time getting my equipment out there as it was. My muscles aint what they used to be, and I'm not supposed to lift more than ten pounds right now anyway.

    One thing about summer skamania fishing off the peir. When the fishing is slow you can always eat the bait. Shrimp of course. Not the alewives :)

    Anyway hope everyone is catching fish. This afternoon my son is taking me out for blue gills. I think we will do better on those and I am very much looking forward to eating some fresh fish!

    Good luck to anyone heading out!

  8. Well I now have one less gall bladder. So far so good other than some left over side effects from the surgery itself. Hopefully the miralax fixes that :)

    Man I tell you what, this has sure been a hard year for me. I've been trying not to dwell on it all but I've lost my hunting spot, been sick since Christmas and having a ton of medical expenses from it. Then as if everything else wasn't stressful enough this morning I went to get a drink of water and there was no pressure. The well pump took a dump sometime between last night and this morning. Called katz well drilling and he came out to look at it. It's a special 3" pump and they can't get parts till next week sometime. And the only money we have left to spend on a new pump is my hunting and fishing fund :(

    In the mean time we are having a graduation party for my son tomorow.

    Aint life grand!


  9. I have surgery scheduled for june 24th.

    They told me to plan on being out two weeks. Then no heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

    I guess theres no gaurantees this will make me completely better. Most people who have this get completely better while some don't.

    Some it takes a while even years before they improve. A small percentage have no improvements, and something like less than 1% actually get worse.

    Never been a 1%er. Always kinda average so I'd say my prospects are good.

    What are you gonna do? I can't take it like it is. Been sick so long its hard to remember what feeling normal feels like.

  10. I am meeting with a surgeon tomorrow morning. I'll know more after that.

    They sure don't rush things let me tell yah.

    The infection seems better anyway. Still having pain all the time, but no more sick and pukey feeling. Can't eat much though. Kinda feels like I've been kicked under my ribs by a mule.

  11. Well been really sick the past week and a half but I'm finally coming back out of it.

    It is my gall bladder thats bad. Doesn't appear to be any infection in my pancreas. The weird thing is I don't have any gall stones or sludge or any of the more common issues related to gall bladder dysfunction. It appears my gall bladder just quit working. It doesn't contract properly and its acting like a blockage in the biliary tract. The bile backs up until the bladder becomes inflamed and infected. Its horribly painful!

    I am scheduled to see a surgeon this coming week. Hopefully everything moves along quickly from here. This has been going on or a really long time!

    Thanks to everyone for their kinds words thoughts and prayers.

  12. Just wondering if anyone else here has ever had this condition?

    I've been sick since last Christmas and the doctors finally think this is whats wrong with me. I've lost 50lbs. Can you believe it? I can't eat meat or anything fried or anything dairy. Sometimes all I can do is drink fluids. No eating at all. The pain ranges from bareable to unbareable. But it never goes away.

    Tomorrow I am going to U of M hospital for another test. They're trying to figure out if the infection is in my pancreas or just my gall bladder. If its just the gall bladder I will be having it removed. If its in my pancreas I will have to stay in the hospital for awhile while for treatment. I guess they have to try and suck the infection out of me while they pump me full of antibiotics. I was supposed to begin my turkey season tommorow too. Oh well. At this point I'd gladly miss the season if it meant I could start getting better again. I sure do miss eating meat :)

  13. If you have a decent tractor that has PTO you can buy a PTO operated generator/alternator for quite a bit less than a complete standby unit.

    A good PTO operated generator 15000 watts that will run your entire house start out at about $1500.00 new.

    You can find them at farm auctions sometimes for real cheap. My friend got a 17000 watt for a $150.00 at a farm auction. It works fine.

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