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  1. I just read a news report about 2 men that went through the ice on timber lake near wamplers lake in lenawee county. One of the men didn't survive. Sad indeed.

    I've been wanting to get out but I think we need another week of good freezing temps before it will be safe. I see the temps this upcoming week are supposed to be warm. Guess I'm just going to have to hit the river and try for some steelies.

    Stay safe guys! Fish aint worth dying for.

  2. We are not seeing many deer at all where I'm hunting just north of you Ed. The property to our north they have found 20 dead deer from EHD. So far I have only found one but I'm not seeing many lives ones at all. We are in leoni twnshp and my friends property is in henreitta.

    The season is going so bad for us that I've decided to make a trip north. I really can't afford it, but not sure how many hunting seasons I have left in me so this next weekend I'm heading to the UP. I will be making 2 trips up. One next weekend to get my stands set and then one the following week for my vacation. I figure if nothing else at least it will be an adventure.

    In any case glad that you are seeing some at your property. It gives me hope that maybe next year things will balance out and the population will rebound.

  3. I don't know. Can't say about the rest of the state but around my area I have not been seeing many older class deer at all. Nutrition, or lack thereof has never really been an issue in the southern lower. In my opinion age structure is the real problem.

    My hopes remain high but my expectations are not.

  4. I was reading the DNR report for the area. It says the number of deer is about 32 per square mile. But I don't believe they really know. Thats just their guess using all their fancy data.

    Hopefully your right and theres some nice bucks. I don't even care so much if I get one. I just want to see some.

    Thanks for the info :thumb:

  5. We're quite a ways from the state game area. But I see a lot of blinds on all the farms feilds. Some big tower blinds. I get the feeling a lot of hunting goes on. Doesn't seem like I'm seeing many deer either. I'm hoping its just cause its winter and their all holding tight. The land looks good though. Lots of food sources with good to medium cover.

  6. Wish I was as enthused about this as you are Ed. Personally I don't think it was a smart decision on the part of our NRC.

    Bash me if you all want to. Its just my opinion. All I can say is, my kids didn't need to carry a gun or make a kill before they were 10yrs old to be able to go fishing and hunting or otherwise to be "mentored" by me.

    Honestly I think this is just amount the DNR making more money. I just hope no one gets hurt by it in the long run. But I don't think the DNR really cares. It's just about money. Nothing else.

  7. Just wondering how everyones hunting has been going. I've only saw a couple nice bucks so far this season despite hunting very hard. The rut just seemed like it never really got into full swing for me.

    Took a nice doe on nov 6th though. Hoping to see a good late season buck. Always wanted to take nice buck in december.

    Hope the rest of you guys are having a good season!


    nov2011bowkill by roegob, on Flickr

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